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Blair on Tyneside

2bizzy4thebizzys | 18.11.2006 21:18 | Anti-militarism

Blair seems to be doing his goodbye to u suckers tour of the Uk incorporated into the 100th anniversary of the Labour Party's foundation celebrations. Check your local party contacts for upcoming anniversary do's and help keep him movin on.

its not wor war North Shields
its not wor war North Shields

Blair in Drives Bye Bye
Blair in Drives Bye Bye

Locals in North Shields picketing a 100th anniversary of the People's Party Celebration Dinner last Thursday (16th) discovered that not only was TB the secret guest of honour but got a tip off from friendly party members about his 'surprise' visit to a local primary for the next day. Word is that he is visiting local party do's across the country as a special guest at these anniversary do's so keep your ears open and give hime a warm welcome wherever...



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