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Laughing at Blair

Regeneration | 15.11.2006 22:25 | Climate Chaos | World

Rising Sea - Heat - and GROWING DESERTS. is an American site so almost certainly trying to turn the problem into patentable remedies to gain a stranglehold on everything. They are probably as Fascist as the American Free Press.

Blair's Queen Speech blather offers CO2 reduction some years after the Mass Extinction gets going,.so is completely irrelevant. An immediate 60% reduction is too little and probably too late.

Does anyone have a copy of the Statement of Intent of The Lord's Resistance Army?

With theDo-Gooders making such a mess are the Intentionally Malignants the world's
only hope.



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  1. if u won't swear to god — new court oath
  2. The word is BLiar, not Blair — Justspotted