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maradona jones see | 14.11.2006 23:58

the pipeline protestors at trebanos in south wales have been told they are to be evicted from their home (inside the approx. 5ft diameter pipe) at 8 o'clock tommorrow morning (wednesday morning!)

there are no legal grounds for this eviction. the police are acting like hired security thugs (as usual) and are threatening a potentially violent eviction.
please support
this pipeline is one of the most dangerous and dodgy things to happen in this country ever.
its a huge project which has been kept very quiet.
we must stop them, and we can, this is a fight we can definately win. there are so many targets there
this particular action as urgent, but if you cannot support by tommorrow, then please try to help after.
they might be able to resist.
bring tarps food blankets music etc whatever you want (chains if you like!)
lets get a pipeline protest camp sorted out
get down to trebanos
or find a different spot on the route and set somehting else up there
nice one!

maradona jones see


No to gas pipeline; no to any new major carbon projects

15.11.2006 09:38

We need to have 90% cuts in carbon emissions by 2030, yet if we allow this mega-project to go ahead, we will be going in completely the opposite direction. This is a major energy infrastructure project and must be confronted.

The government are on paper commited to reducing carbon emissions yet are not changing the energy policy. They are terrified that they won’t be able to meet gas supply as this would cause the city to go into panic and result in capital leaving the country, which would cause major transformation!

There are loads of safety issues as well with this pipeline. It is being built on unstable land and parents in the nearby school are threatening to remove their childen from the schol if it gets built above their school – for fear of an repeat of Aberfan, where a landslide killed all the children in the primary school. Already there have been landslides on the hill above the site we have occupied, that have blocked roads. Everyone I met had some different example of how negligent they are being.

Work was due to end in October because of weather but they are behind schedule and hence rushing to push it through. They are being fined a large figure every day they are late (£1million a day is floating around) and hence are continuing into November.

Anyone who can get out to the site and get involved with stopping the work should definitely do so. The support of the locals is amazing and they are doing their stuff too. If you want to go up, then there is a local who drives back from work in Cardiff at 5pm every day and is happy to give lifts to anyone heading up there. His number is 07973619183

mail e-mail:

hold on to it till the weekend

15.11.2006 10:24

we were there till tuesday. it was really rewarding to be totally successful at stopping work on the land where we were and to be getting loads of local support.

this is a crazy time to be building huge new LNG infrastructure. we are supposed to be radically reducing our fossil fuel use in order to avoid runaway climate chaos. and the whole project is full of holes - safety, climate change, lack of democracy and consultation of the affected companies, ecological destruction...

anyway, hold on to the site if you can guys, and we'll be up there on the weekend with a posse to help keep them out.

Good Luck