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Emergency Call Out Nottingham Shell action

Concerned activist | 10.11.2006 11:35 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Globalisation

A protester was run down by a car at a Shell petrol station in Nottingham just an hour ago. We think this story should get out there to national press and activists around the country. Any witnesses please contact us so we can get the details to the press.

Just an hour ago, a protester was run down by a 4 by 4 at a shell garage in Nottingham. The action was called in solidarity with the Rossport campaign and also to commemorate the hanging of Ken Sarawiwa who died at the hands of Shell for trying to protect the Ogoni people from the actions of Shell in Nigeria.

Anyone who has any information about what happened we urge you to go to the local and national press. Or if it is too much for you I can get in touch with national press easily.

Send your telephone number/ e-mail address/ photos/ any details you have to

Concerned activist
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just to get the detail right

10.11.2006 12:46

It was not a 4x4 actually but a large mpv.

Later the police had arrived and they encouraged a driver to drive into a protester who was blocking his entrance to the filling station. So o=its not just Rossport where the police see themselves as Shell's security company!