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Viva! Duck Day Cambridge

Animal Rights Cambridge | 06.11.2006 21:30 | Cambridge

Get involved in educating the public in Cambridge to help the ducks on the 11th for Viva’s day of action.

On Saturday 11 November, Viva! is running a day of action for ducks. Ducks are possibly Britain’s favourite birds; yet, 19 million of these individuals were killed for meat in the UK last year. According to Viva! 95% of them had prison-like cramped lives. If you buy duck meat from almost any major restaurant or supermarket the animals will not have had any access to water to swim in.

Jake, the little duckling prisoner, the cartoon star of Viva’s campaign represents all the ducks trapped in intensive farms across the country. When you see ducks swimming on the river Cam I hope you will think of Jake and the actual animals he represents, that have not been allowed the opportunity to swim.

We can all play our part in opposing this abuse, by simply not eating duck! If you would like to do more why not check out the Viva! Website to find out what else you can do.

Animal Rights Cambridge will be out and about educating the public on this important issue.

If anyone would like to get involved (in Cambridge) with educating the public on the 11th you can get in contact with me via email at

Thank you on behalf of the ducks!

Animal Rights Cambridge
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