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"The Iron Wall" showing on Tuesday Nov 11th in Oxford

Pam Parsons | 04.11.2006 16:05 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression | Oxford

Mohammed Alater's documentary film "The Iron Wall" is showing in Oxford on Tuesday November 11th at 7.30pm in the Town Hall, St Aldates, Oxford.
This film covers the issue of the Israeli settlements in the Palestinian Occupied Territories and its impact on the two-state solution.

The primary focus of this powerful documentary film is on the settlements and their impact on Palestinian life and the prospects for peace. The separation wall is dealt with in the latter part of the film, and the title comes from right-wing Zionist Revisionist leader Vladamir (Zev) Jabotinsky's theory of the need to create an "iron wall" between Arabs and Jews.
Mohammed Alatar was interviewed about his film.
"What I wanted to do in my film," Mohammed Alatar says "is to show the reality on the ground. I wanted to highlight how the settlements are the major obstacle to peace. I want people to know that out of the 600 checkpoints, there are only 24 separating us from Israel. All of the others separate Palestinians from Palestinians, and they were set up to protect the settlers." He says that the equation is simple - no settlements, no checkpoints. There would be no need for young Israeli soldiers to humiliate Palestinians.

"This is a powerful film exposing one of the most pressing issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It is imperative that it gets a wide audience, and that efforts are mobilized to subvert a catastrophic outcome."
--Jean-Jacques Joris, head of the Swiss Representative Office to the Palestinian Authority.

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