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Oaxaca - solidarity action meeting, Tue 7th Nov. 7:30pm @ ASBO

pete | 04.11.2006 02:36

The Indymedia volunteer journalist Brad Will is one of many people to have died in Oaxaca, Mexico recently. A meeting to plan solidarity action has been called for Tuesday 7th Nov @ ASBO.

The daily developments in Oaxaca can be followed through the international Indymedia network.

The following are a list of links focussing on the situation in general and in particular, responses to the death of Brad Will:

Article from mid-October on situation and repression:

Friends of Brad Will (includes the video):

EZLN solidarity statement and call to action:

Solidarity action in Lawrence, Kansas, US:

Solidarity bike ride in NYC:

Many in Nottingham will remember the visit of CIPO-RFM to the Sumac Centre and now we see their community under the most violent oppression.

For more details regarding the ASBO, visit



Background to the struggle in Oaxaca

04.11.2006 18:54

We've seen some inspiring accounts of what is happening in Oaxaca recently, but it can be hard to find good background and analysis in English. The following links explain the relevance of the June 2006 teachers' strike to the wider social revolt.

1) Mexico, Oaxaca, From Teachers' Strike Towards Dual
Power: The Revolutionary Surge (written end of August in Oaxaca):

2) From a Canadian support group to the CIPO-RFM (also known as Magonistas):
MILITARY ARRIVES IN OAXACA (leaflet dated October 2nd).
This leaflet is useful as it gives the political background and explains the demand to get the governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz to stand down. More in English from here:

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