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Climate activists to take to the streets against short haul flights

Plane Stupid | 03.11.2006 17:55 | Ecology | London | Oxford

Environmental activists will on Monday protest in Britain’s first national day of action against short haul flights.

Called by green direct action group, Plane Stupid, during the Climate Camp at Drax in September (1) protestors pledged to take creative direct action to mark the start of the UN International Climate talks in Nairobi. The day of action also coincides with new research from HACAN Clearskies showing that 100,000 flights from Heathrow each year are to short haul destinations that are easily reachable by the more sustainable train alternative. (2)

In the last few months, Plane Stupid grounded planes at a short-haul airport by blockading the taxiway (3) and marked the 60th Anniversary of Heathrow by chaining themselves across the entrance to BAA’s head office. They are part of a rapidly growing grassroots movement tackling the root causes of carbon emissions.

On Monday individuals and local groups all over the UK are organising their own protest actions against their local “climate change criminals” from the aviation industry. Locations of direct actions are not public but Plane Stupid are organising a number of public, awareness raising campaign events in London, Reading and Cambridge. (4)

Campaigner for Plane Stupid, Ellen Rickford, explained, “The politicians will jet off to Nairobi this week to continue with their bleating about the need for action on climate change. Meanwhile, they encourage short haul flights through their airport expansion plans and the tax breaks they give to the airline industry. When our ability to live on earth is at stake, they haven’t got the spine to sacrifice their ability to live in Portugal on the weekends.”

She added, “Some of us are saying enough is enough. We’re fed up with waiting for governments and corporations to act responsibly and feel that we now have a duty to act ourselves to prevent climate crime.”

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PHOTOS AND FOOTAGE from previous actions are available. Pix on Monday should be available too.


(3) 25 activists were arrested after they established a protest camp on the taxiway at Nottingham East Midlands Airport.
(4) Details of these public events are at

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How about writting stop the suicide bombers?

04.11.2006 09:36

How about writting stop the suicide bombers who have murdered thousands of Israelis? By the way how about also writting stop the war in Dafur Sudan which has claimed half a million lives. Why are you people so obbsessed with Israel when you claim not to be anti-semitic?


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