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anarchist bookfair trial ends in acquittals

rikki | 03.11.2006 00:32 | Repression | London

the 2005 anarchist bookfair in holloway road ended in confrontations with the police outside the coronet pub. five people were arrested on serious public order charges including affray, and their two and a half week trial has just taken place in front of a jury at snaresbrook crown court. despite dozens of police prosecution witnesses, the jury did not believe the stories and all five have finally been acquitted.

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at least two of the accused had been themselves assaulted by police, with injuries causing problems for many months. it is likely they will now seek recompense. all five faced a year of uncertainty, and the possibility of custodial sentences, and one can only imagine their relief today when the jury gave their final verdicts after listening to two and a half weeks of evidence.

one of the defendants, who was an indymedia reporter, will be publishing a full report on the trial here later. in the meantime, thanks to all the defence witnesses and to indymedia itself for help in finding some of those witnesses.

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