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AUSTRALIA: When is Howard's ABC going to stop bullying the Sheikh?

Pete | 30.10.2006 23:05 | Analysis | Anti-racism | Repression | World

There is still uncertainty concerning the future of the ABC executive that took a John Howard Government and Opposition led media packed frenzied attack on Sheikh Al Hilaly for over a week and are responsible for bullying the Sheikh until he had chest pains and was rushed to hospital yesterday. Now this morning they've attacked him again. Are they trying to kill the man?

Are they trying to kill the man?
Are they trying to kill the man?

After cleverly twisting and spinning Al Hilaly's words to make it sound like he was attacking the White House. The Howard Government, Labor and the entire right wing political media establishment including Howard's ABC then decided to falsely report what he had said and that he was going to "rid" the world of the White House.

But what he really said was that he "would like to stay in his position until he" cleansed the world of the White House."

Regardless of what he had said most people would argue that Sheikh Al Hilaly is entitled to his opinion and that the only people who were inciting race hate and violence with falsehoods were the terrorist Howard Government, Labor and the right wing media political establishment including John Howard's ABC.

The second thing the John Howard Government, Labor and the mainscream media said he did wrong was to liken scantily dressed women to uncovered meat.

But put bluntly “uncovered meat” is sexually provocative! Why do you think they just gave Myers a shove for dressing children in sexually provocative attire and depicting children as sexy?

So the two statements the Sheikh has been preaching is not out of line to the degree that he should be harassed and bullied by the Howard government Lib/Lab and the entire right wing political media establishment and no crime was committed.

No statement is forthcoming to strongly indicate that the perpetrator who lies for the Liberal or Labor political establishment at the ABC intends to resign.

None either from the war criminal himself john howard the coward. Or from the dope on drugs the 'hairy chested labor's Kevin Rudd the dud.

Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) president Tom Zreika says the Mufti handed him the written statement, then collapsed with chest pains, during a meeting.

The Sheikh has asked to be placed on "indefinite leave" from preaching at the Lakemba Mosque after the attack on his freedom of speech.

The community is urging him to get well soon and to go back to his job.

Peter Therapy, from Don't Use The Media As A Political Weapon said, "Inciting violence has its penalties and responsible people in the media should not lie or try to twist people's words to suit their agenda's. This is a criminal offence punishable by law."

"Did the Sheikh call the police?" he said.

In the two-page statement, the Sheikh again apologises for his controversial comments and accuses the media of slandering him.

Mr Zreika says it is in the Mufti's hands for now.

"He's asked us please give us some time and space to make a decision - you know he's struggling with his health," he said.

But it's the media that is doing all the head kicking for the political establishment.

Sheikh Al Hilaly is expected to remain hospital for several days.

The Sheikh's close supporter and Islamic Friendship Association spokesman, Keysar Trad, says he does not want the Sheikh to resign.

"There's a lot of people who don't want him to do that because we accept his explanations," Mr Trad said.

Nor should he resign.

I want to see an ABC executive, John Howard, Kevin Rudd and whoever else that placed words in the Sheikh's mouth and or threatened him to stand trial in a court of law for numerous offences including inciting racial hatred and violence in our community.


AUSTRALIA; Today's English Lesson

Hello girls and boys today we discover the real meaning of Clean, Cleansed, Lies, War Criminal and last but not least the word Rid!


Al Hilaly pulls out of Islamic festival as kevin rudd and howard's abc managed to changed his original comment to suit themselves. Now suddenly his words have been changed? "Clean" has now turned into 'Rid' by floppositon mp rudd and the abc. How say you rudd?

Tourists may be warned to stay away from Sydney

Fears that travel advisories such as those warning Britons and Canadians about race violence in Sydney last year will cause a massive loss of income for Australian tourism this summer season.

Australian Government Enforces Racism

What concerns us most of all is that decent people, and there are very, very many of them, would also be very upset about racial scapgoating for the war criminals war on terror that killed over 665,000 innocent musilm men, women and children in Iraq and their having a tough enough time as it is.

Latest campaign to demonise Islam and intimidate the Muslim Community

“The public furore ignited in response to the reported comments made by Sheik Taj Al-Din Al-Hilali has little to do with the question of crime or culpability. What is clear is that a consistently negative view of Islam and Muslims is being generated in this country with the aim of demonising Islam and silencing the Muslim community.”

debnam has got to go!

The New South Wales Flopposition Leader, peter debnam, says an anti-American statement made by Sydney cleric Sheikh Taj el-Din Al Hilaly was a virtual declaration of war on Western society. So debnam actually thinks war crimes against humanity and the death of 665,000 Iraqi men, women and children for democracy is a fair argument? Sack him before it's too late, please!



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