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FREE SPIRIT CAMPING - at two UK terrormaking nerve center(s)

L Hoppstubbe Mor | 29.10.2006 21:02 | Anti-militarism | Terror War | London | South Coast

What a proactive nerve: Iraq tarp goes up at Northwood UK HQ NERVE CENTER 28/10/2006

(see also: others arrested at Parliment square 29/10/2006)

Free spirit camping
Free spirit camping

As part of a weekend of nonviolent Resistance to the Occupation of Iraq, and for the 2nd anniversary of the November 04 US/UK massacre in Fallujah - up to 30 peace activists / non violent interventionists went to the Warring Nerve Center of Northwood HQ. (Please upload additional footage/pics if you have them).

From this place plans for the atrocious attacking and flattening of Fallujah were likely drawn up, then carried out by UK troops to their execution, this effected the loss of many Iraqi civilian lives.

Once we had arrived the Herts police wanted walkers to be penned in a particular green place by the side of the road opposite Northwood, so negotiations could continue. Some discussions followed about what ought to happen.

Meanwhile names of many people who had died were read out as a memorial and in reflection of the carnage that had occurred and continues to occur.

~One an ex serviceman called to the military to throw away their weapons.
~Another an Iraqi gentleman reflected on the fact that his being Iraqi did not make him a terrorist and that ordinary people in Iraq are similiar to ordinary people in most other countries. He went on to ask whether British and US military planning which occurs from Northwood was not actual terrormaking.
~Other reflections, memories and thoughts followed. It was a solemn and sad time.

Two Vine and Fig Planters (from the UK see: ) decided now was the time to put up their Iraq Tarp and share coffees/snacks. The police showed interest and asked questions, videoed and took notes like good art students, later they assisted the folding of the tarp before the vine and fig tree planters left (sadly on this occasion no trees were planted).

Tarps are what are used by refugees all over the world following war and disasters - they are basic shelter.

This tarp was specially constructed to be a reminder that Iraq needs time now to flourish not more bloodshed spilt, it needs growth for its peoples - wholeness free of occupation by unneeded troops from either the UK or US. Upon the tarp were written phrases for the wellbeing of Iraq and messages of hope. It was held up with a 'pole of compassion', and other essential contents were 'poignant radicals' (sometimes known as pegs), and guide vines (guy lines).

As the double decker bus with the peace walkers / activists left amid waves the Iraq Tarp stayed another hour before the 2 Vine and Fig Planters went on to Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment where a new camp stands vigil this time over another set of bombmakers.

Camping at either of these places Northwood and Aldermaston looks like fun and is a real possibility for 'free spirit camping' in the days ahead. Dont you think they need a few poignant radicals and many poles of compassion?

Just remember, there is no such thing as bad weather its just poor choice of clothes.

L Hoppstubbe Mor
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fallujah on our minds let Fallujah flourish

30.10.2006 01:03

transformation tarp is up at Northwood
transformation tarp is up at Northwood

see additional photos

L Hoppstubbe M

Iraq Transformation Tarp goes up at Aldermaston

30.10.2006 07:33

Vigil at Aldermaston camp - with Iraq Transformation Tarp
Vigil at Aldermaston camp - with Iraq Transformation Tarp

Vine and figs join briefly with stalwarts at Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment.
Gather, Conspire and wink. Carry on camping the grass is greener on the otherside - hey what about New Year?

betsy bones

we start drawing the lines - free spirit camping

30.10.2006 07:52

dream 3fold - for Fallujah that it might flourish again
dream 3fold - for Fallujah that it might flourish again

another photo...

Upon the tarp were lines which are indicators of the many differant ways the tarp could be folded to make other tent-type shapes ie it can make a wigwam if necessary though no cutting of the material was necessary. And so this reminds us as nonviolent calm interventionists that there are many ways to challenge wrongfulness. Creativity makes us think about building with imagery and ideas which enhance, our aproach towards others amongst us even the police needs to be respectful otherwise we polarise into an us and them scenario.

SO: thanks for assistance of Herts Police in folding up Iraq Transformation Tarp.
thanks to HJH, BB and Vine and Fig community for ideas.
thanks to those in war zones everywhere who remind us daily that now we must do what we can to initiate nonviolently peace so they can hold onto remnants of dignity.

L Hoppstubbe M
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another Iraq tarp trial

30.10.2006 08:02

just being mindful - under cover
just being mindful - under cover

just checking out the scene -
could this be a trial run for greater project?
Free camping where there are arms of embrace above and places for poignant radicals and poles of compassion.

Betsy Bones

another pic - reasons for thanks posted

30.10.2006 19:41

Herts Police 'having heart'.
Herts Police 'having heart'.

Here is the pic of the police being friendly, in this case just plain friendly.

l hoppstubbe m


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