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END OF THE ENDRUN? Exec sentence :24 years. . . .SO THAT WE DONT THINK ?

ex leg iron: yes,"structure" is a bit of the big discussion.Without PRESCRIBING. | 26.10.2006 18:50 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Globalisation | London | World

- IT DOESNT TAKE A LEFTY TO SAY THAT THIS BIT OF NEWS HAS GOT BACKPEDALLED IN THE MAINSTREAM PRESS. . . . in as much as its talked about, even the "whistleblower" seems to want to blame these two people for everything - BUT THAT SEEMS TO AVOID LESSONS THE WORLD NEEDS.
( WITHOUT dismissing words as "commie", "liberal" or "lefty" - do the 2+ 2 =4 )

Yesterday, the sentence was announced. 24 years for the top "ENDRUN" exec.
( Of the two that were found guilty together - the other died pre-sentencing, so is technically innocent.) Thats a very long time - but seems a lot to do two things other than preventing recurrence :
1 : with a sort of protection racket- shakedown aimed at other CEO s - to them the "lesson" seems - dont get caught, pay for the distraction of public perceptions , etc
2 : as the trial in iraq, a way to stop people following the trail further - in this case to have that very necessary debate about why we use the good thinking of very sharp people in a structure that rewards the manipulation of scarcity - even the creation of scarcity ( short-term shut-downs of power stations in california, etc ) - rather than alleviating scarcity, povery, need, etc ,
in fact, even rewards people far further if they juggle the same cash around faster, into a greater number of seperate "ventures" - to the extent that good people across the entire industry have forgotten whats actually worth anything - in fact - to the extent that if they remember, they might lose pay.

. . . . that aint a "left" view. Its 2 + 2 = 4
But it aint getting said.
The fact that it aint getting said IS DOING DAMAGE TO OUR SOCIETIES.
If some people think these things amount to a "gravy train", even in the "spin-offs" - as they allow others to "take the flak" - then they should wake up, stop paying the "protection rackets" - they have good, different things they might do, too ( - at present, the perceptions that get moulded most are those of the "customers", anyway) - to allow a serious debate to take place about the way we put together society, its needs, invest its time, efforts, the waste, the outcomes, etc.

The signs are that - unless we allow rethinking - the "gravy trains" go over the precipice with everything else, quite imminently.


Perhaps a sign of progress IS overcapacity - then the opportunity to remember that old "stitch in time saves nine" phrase, put some in storage for the rainy days, etc.
But that aint what society "rewards" these days.
Without "-isms", we need to think about this.

AT PRESENT, we "misinterpret" these basic things so that we end up having set up fake companies to bury toxic waste under people that havent the language to comprehend the "smallprint" - but, neither have we, the waste leaks, poisons US, our kids, etc. . . . but, you got the bonus, then you keep trying to either think that people havent a way to track it back to you, or put somebody else "in the frame" so they take a bit of extra time "taking it out" against them first . . . .

Allow people to THINK about it, without the character assassinations, etc, or this "speed up" world mightnt have the "margin of error" we hope for -

ex leg iron: yes,"structure" is a bit of the big discussion.Without PRESCRIBING.