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Iraq: Spiralling to Civil War? Discussion and Film Showing

TomU | 26.10.2006 08:47 | Anti-militarism | Workers' Movements

Iraq: Spiralling to Civil War? What Role for the Workers' Movement? Discussion and Film Showing.
Tuesday 31st October 7.30pm in the International Community Centre, Mansfield Road

As Iraq moves closer to all-out civil war the US and UK governments consider their options. Can they just cut-and-run or will they be able to formulate a ‘new’ approach to achieve some form of stability? What will happen if the troops pull out? Can Iraq really get any worse? Who’s to blame for the sectarian conflict and who can stop it? What role can the Iraqi workers’ movement play and why do so many ‘anti-war’ campaigners ignore their struggles?

For more information phone 07779328418

Organised by Iraq Union Solidarity