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The Yorkshire Ripper cover up continues to haunt us

Elsie | 19.10.2006 21:47 | Repression | Social Struggles

Nobody wants to see it, least of all the people of Yorkshire. But the Yorkshire Ripper case will continue to haunt the people of England until they face up to it.


As an indication of how the Yorkshire Ripper cover-up continues to
haunt us, and will continue to haunt us until it is resolved, the
following is a copy of an email sent recently to Noel O'Gara and
associates by an intelligent young graduate:


Hello all,

Having read Noel's book, I find that he presents a compelling case of a
police conspiracy. I also read the book Innocents about the police
stitching up Stefan Kiszko for killing of 11 year old Lesley Molseed,
thus letting the real killer go free. The police suppressed forensic
evidence that Kiszko could not have been the murderer.

For my LLM dissertation Summing Up in Miscarriages of Justice in the
Crown Courts of England & Wales, I looked at nine miscarriages of
justice, including Kiszko. I was primarily looking at the role of
judges, but it's interesting to examine the role played by the police.

One thing that struck me is that, while in Kiszko and the Methyr Three,
an actual crime had been committed, in other cases (Gilfoyle, for
example) it was possible that no crime had taken place, in other
miscarriages the police appear to have prosecuted without any real
basis in fact.

To me this suggests that the police tend to be manipulative, doing
whatever it takes to achieve some goal, whether that be malicious or to
gain undeserved credit. This is not saying anything new, but to simply
back what has been said about the likelihood of Humble being the
subject of some police scenario.

We are living in a topsy-turvy world where all too often the guilty go
free and the innocent are punished. I believe the royal prerogative
(the queen and any of her agents can do no wrong) is the basis for all
this wrongdoing.

In common cause,

(name withheld)

for information see




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Get over it.

21.10.2006 13:41

The fucker who did the killings is locked up for ever.

Are you another Harry O'Lara type?

Rumour Mongrel