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Reports of police beating on two Asian youths in Shoreditch

Oscar Beard | 18.10.2006 23:55 | Anti-racism | Repression | London | World

I have just recieved a phone call from an eyewitness outside Old Street police station that some 40 people have massed in protest against the beating and possible arrest of two Asian youths in Shoreditch.

The facts are uncertain at the moment, but it is believed the two Asian youths were attacked by police and beaten.

They may have been arrested and are beleived to be inside Old Street police station now.

Upto 40 people have massed outside the police station in protest.

Oscar Beard
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Update on police attack on Asian youths

19.10.2006 02:53

The two young Asian men have been found by a photojournalist at Brixton police station.

Not much more is known about the incident or the state of the two men.

Unspeculated reports from witnesses said the two were grabbed by police, put in a patrol car, driven to some back streets and then beaten.

I will report more as it comes through.

Oscar Beard
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