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Wiretapping Is A-OK Evidence...

rogue | 12.10.2006 10:05 | Repression | London

A link below shows the bill currently before parliament about communications interception

The Interception of Communications (Admissibility of Evidence) Bill would allow information that was intercepted or otherwise obtained in an unscrupulous manner by the state to be used as perfectl acceptable evidence in court.



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code language

12.10.2006 10:56

We shall have to start a secret society up so that we start talking in code, like the freemasons.

concerned individual

oh how shocking

13.10.2006 21:03

anyone who has been following the greenscare nightmare unrolling in the USA will hardly be surprised by this...
its time we all stopped being so very shocked and surprised at the governments behaviour and started to understand thats what governments do.
to learn what our government will do you only need look to the USA, when it comes to prisons and other forms repression they are a couple of steps ahead still but we're catching up.
if they ain't shooting at ya then ya aint shaking them up enough


it'll get worse

13.10.2006 23:09

The more successful we are as movements for social and political change the more we should expect the state and it's apparatus to fight back to preserve their position. Doesn't mean it is right, but we should be realistic. It's a sign they're worried, tho'

Be prepared for it to get worse, but remember, cowards lose in the end even if they gain in the short term. Fight back at every point.