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London October 7th: International Day of Action on Migrant Rights

John O | 09.10.2006 15:37 | Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls | Migration | Social Struggles | Birmingham | London

Coming out of the shadows! - Migrants on the march for their rights in London

For many people migration is essential to escape human rights abuses, conflict and poverty. In turn people from all over the world help fuel UK prosperity, with London's diversity an important ingredient in its successful bid to host the Olympics. However, many migrants are deprived of their full rights in employment and access to public services, while at the same time being vilified as "illegal" by politicians and media and living in daily fear of detention and deportation.

The march on October 7 2006 started at 1.00pm from the gardens of the Imperial War Museum (Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park) and proceed through south London towards the city.

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