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Police Hospitalise Photographer at Parliament Protest

good luck marc | 09.10.2006 14:52 | Indymedia | Repression | London

Reports have come in that police assaulted and injured Marc Vallee, an NUJ and BPPA photographer while he was photographing protests outside parliament today. He has been taken to hospital after reportedly having seizures and being unable to feel his legs.

See below:

The Editor at London Freelance writes:

"Photograpers report that one of their number, Marc Valeé, is today hospitalised following what first reports say was action by officers of the Metropolitan police in the vicinity of Parliament Square - thrown onto a kerbstone."

"One says he could not move his legs when he was put into the ambulance but it will be some time before we know whether this will heal."


Another report on Indymedia said:
"The person taken to hospital in an ambulance was a photographer. He was grabbed by police and swung forcibly around by his arm, falling and hitting his head hard. He was reported to be having seizures before being treated by paramedics."

Journalists writing for the Evening Standard website 'This is London' said:
"a photographer was taken to hospital by ambulance after he was violently pushed to the ground by a policeman. "

A member of the NUJ LFB said:

"Marc is a professional photographer through and through. He's been documenting youth culture and protests for over ten years and produces striking images. He's an NUJ and British Press Photographers' Association member.

Some of his work:

I hope the police haven't caused him permanent injuries, as it sounds pretty serious.

Good luck Marc.

good luck marc


Marc out of hospital - request for witness etc

09.10.2006 19:45

Marc is out of hospital according to latest news from NUJ contact.

It's still not clear exactly what happened.

See main picture and request for wintesses etc here:




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