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sacking parliament - how to give your MP their P45

state of emergency | 09.10.2006 01:32 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

On Monday October 9th at the Houses of Parliament many people will gather to sack their MPs. You have a legal right to do this.

how to get to the Houses of Parliament
how to get to the Houses of Parliament

where to go in to sack your MP
where to go in to sack your MP

What is lobbying?

Although as a rule it is almost always best to make an appointment to see your MP in advance, all citizens have the right to lobby their Member of Parliament simply by turning up when Parliament is sitting to request a meeting with your MP as one of his or her constituents.

How to lobby your MP

If your MP has agreed to meet you, but not given any details of where or when or if you have not already arranged a meeting with your MP you will need to queue outside St Stephen's entrance. There is poor disabled access to Central Lobby.

Once in Central Lobby

On the left hand side of the Lobby is a reception desk staffed by officials from the Sergeant-at-Arms Office. Go to the desk and ask for a "Green Card". You will need to fill in your name and address and the purpose of your visit. It is important that you make a clear statement about your reason for visiting, for example; "You are sacked, go home". This is important because if you do not meet with your MP the card is then sent on to their office. The MP should then leave of his own accord.

The desk staff will then take the card and send officials off to physically look for your MP in the Chamber and other committee rooms of the House. In the meantime you are left waiting in Central Lobby. If you do not know what your MP looks like, you will need to listen out for your name to be called over a loudspeaker. Central Lobby can be quite crowded at this time.

If your MP has not appeared within half an hour or so, it is unlikely that they will come at all. Sometimes they will send their staff on their behalf if they are caught up in another meeting.

Meeting with your MP

When your MP does meet you, he or she may talk with you in Central Lobby or a corridor off it, or take you to the tearoom. It is best to be clear about what you want to get out of the meeting. So be as clear, courteous and brief as possible - let your MP know exactly why it is they are sacked. Try to make sure you clearly and simply explain about the campaign. Your MP maybe oblivious to his misconduct.

Be specific about what you would like your MP to do - e.g. clear his desk, and prepare to re-enter normal society.
Most importantly, ask the MP if they support the campaign and what they are specifically prepared to do, such as asking the MP to make reparations payments, clear landmines, etc.

Find out who your MP is here:
You can also find out their name and office telephone number by calling the House of Commons enquiry line: 020 7219 4272.

state of emergency
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If you can't attend.

09.10.2006 05:38

You might be able to watch the event on the BBC Travel Cam:

But this is usually censored during demonstrations in Parliament Square, such is the transparency of our government.



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