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Arrest the Government

The EARTH AID environmental campaign. | 08.10.2006 16:42 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | London | World

A request to have the British government arrested for war crimes and corruption during the Sack Parliament demonstration on Monday 9 October, has been forwarded to the Evening Standard and the Daily Mail newspapers for them to pass on officially to the police.

“Womble Riot Threat as Commons Opens,” was the headline on a story about the protest in the Evening Standard's entertainment guide, on Sunday 8 October.
Readers are invited to add their views at the bottom of the story, and the following comment was posted just after 3pm on Sunday:

“No doubt the police will surround parliament to protect the government from the wrath of the people protesting against the killing of thousands of innocent women and children in the Middle East.
“With a bit of luck the police have enough evidence by now of the crimes committed by the British Cabinet to arrest them all and charge them with war crimes and corruption.

“Please accept this statement as an official request from a British subject to the police for the arrest of the British government on Monday on very serious charges.
“The evidence exists and the witnesses are available and willing to testify.
“This demand from members of the public to sack the parliament should go a lot further and turn into a Revolution in the name of the children, for and on behalf of future generations.

“Many reputable international scientists are now saying that humanity faces extinction this century as a result of global warming and climate change.
“Court action against the government is being planned soon to hold them responsible and accountable for their actions in supporting the corporate destruction of the environment, in particular the building of new roads and the expansion of the airports.
“Full information will be available soon in the document of witnesses and evidence entitled "Can You Save the Human Race?"

“We would like to inform the police that the Sack Parliament protest is a legal demonstration and that the Children's Revolution Kid's Bloc will be there.
“Please do not attack them again.
“Our lawyers have informed us that it is legal for the people to attempt to arrest the government and close them down under the current circumstances where there is sufficient evidence against them, and a reasonable chance of conviction in the courts. Thank you."

The EARTH AID environmental campaign.
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