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Mental Health

Bill | 06.10.2006 15:57 | Health | London

Schools are struggling to cope with increasing numbers of pupils with mental health problems, a study says.
The survey commissioned by the NASUWT teachers' union found teachers often had difficulty identifying pupils with problems like anxiety and depression.

Inadequate support for teachers affected the well-being and school work of other pupils in the class, it found.

The NASUWT wants to see more training for teachers in how to deal with the children concerned.

The report concluded that information about pupils' problems were not being shared between schools, or even within schools.

Teachers believe they cannot meet the child's needs

Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust

And teachers who deal with the needs of pupils with special educational needs (Sencos) told researchers they received no specific training on mental health.

The study was conducted by the research department at Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust in London.

"Teachers are concerned about the impact arising from the inadequate support of pupils with mental health needs," the trust's report said.

"There are repercussions for the child who needs the special provision.

"Teachers believe they cannot meet the child's needs, provide them with equal opportunity, help them achieve their potential, or help them before their problems become so serious that they will impact on the rest of their lives."

Teachers' morale

The report warned that this also had "a powerful and detrimental impact on teachers".

"It can make their job very difficult, lower their 'job satisfaction' and more importantly is likely to affect their own psychological well-being.

"In addition, teachers argue that inadequate support negatively affects other children whose education and mental or physical well-being may suffer as a result of that particular pupil's behaviour."

A spokesman for the Department for Education and Skills said they had already delivered specialist training to staff who have particular responsibilities for children with behavioural, emotional or social difficulties.

"We are also looking to develop targeted support for more schools to help them identify and tackle behavioural problems due to mental health, including referral to more specialist help," he said.

The department said it was working to expand Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services so that more specialist help and advice was available where needed.

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Red flags flying

06.10.2006 17:56

Humans are creatures of their time. Even if a person has lived a life long enough to experience different eras, their psychological adjustment (unless they are really old) will be to the time-period currently being lived in. Their nostalgic view of the past will recognise it as having been different, but not in any accurate sense.

Politicians like Blair and Hitler rely on this fact. They can tear up everything that was good and decent, and people soon adjust to the new reality, as if it were the only possible reality.

However, a time of depravity, like the world under Blair's rule, differs from previous times in many extreme ways, and these can easily be measured.


This is an article about how some of the most useless citizens in our society, teachers, are complaining about the consequences of Blair's programs, programs that they, to their eternal shame, have willingly implemented in their schools. Before I continue, I had better expand on that word 'useless', since most of the Guardian reading dribblers will try to object.

Teaching is the most important thing that we do. We are born Human, of course, but with no knowledge of that which genes cannot give- namely the combined experience and learning derived from the previous existence of the Human Race. Our true completion happens when we finally combine what we are physically with the consequences of the previously lived lives of untold generations of Humans. In this sense alone are Humans unique on this planet. Everything else that you think makes you unique from the other species derives from this one fact.

So teaching is important, but is also inherent as a property within us, so it happens automatically, even when 'schools' and 'teachers' do not exist. There is knowledge. There is access to knowledge. And then there are decisions by any given society about which specific forms of knowledge will be FORCED into which people.

Today, we think of schools and teachers as neutral (ie non-political). Nothing could be further from the truth. An overview of the situation today would show that GENERALLY (bulk thinking) people are better educated than at any time in the past (though TV, books, and computers have far more to do with this than schools). However, when it comes to numbers of people with quality education (always an elitist concept, by definition), we are measurably worse than in the recent past.

In other words, the average is raised, but the numbers of people with first rate education is significantly lowered. Can you guess why this benefits monsters like Blair?

Sorry, I got sidetracked about my point about actual teachers. In the UK, people become teachers for all the wrong reasons (same as police recruitment). While they carry the name, they do not carry the duty. When sado-masochistic rape of children was legal in the UK within schools, every major teaching union voted to continue this abuse at every meeting that raised the issue. The psychological profile of teachers was thus appalling (either being out-of-control child abusing sadists themselves, or working in an environment where such people were accepted and unpunished). In the same way, all UK police are either corrupt racist criminal thugs, or people HAPPY to work alongside corrupt racist criminal thugs. Of course, with the European Court of Human Rights giving UK parents the rights to protect their children from sado-masochistic rape (based on a case in Scotland where the social workers and government were planning to take 2 boys into care so that the school could rape them, and their mother fought and destroyed the power of these monsters forever- doing more good than the combined activities of EVERY anti-war protest to date), the psycholgical tradition of teacher recruitment continued.

Most teachers continue to be petty, small-minded, inadequate personalities, that oft times split between either bullies or wimps. Powerful middle-class parents like this, since THEY are always more powerful than the people that run their kids' schools. On the other hand, the disturbed nature that makes up the psycholgical profile of most teachers indimidates most working class parents, ensuring that THOSE parents get to have no say. We get the system that our masters desire.

So genocidal psychopath Blair gets to carefully mould the school system, to produce the generations of cannon fodder that will suit his needs. The middle-class parents were easily overcome, using their snobbishness over education. Tests, tests, tests, tests, tests, tests, and more tests. To the stupid, this will always sound like a good idea. Then there was the introduction of course work into all exam subjects INCLUDING maths to boost the results of females, and others that traditionally score lower in final stage school education in REAL subjects (maths, science, engineering). Coursework suited the ignorance of the working class parents, who cannot understand the difference between working hard and working smart.

Indeed, it had long been a tradition in the worst (from a exam results perspective) working class schools to overload the kids with oppressive homework in the early years (enforced with ruthless discipline including sado-masochistic rape), only for those kids to leave school hating learning, with no qualifications.

The truth about people? Everyone learns in different ways, at different rates, for different subjects. In the times before Blair's age of depravity, we saw primary school as giving as many people as possible strong skills in reading and writing, and strong confidence in the kinds of maths that one encounters in daily life. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS JUST AN EXTRA- an attempt to gently (and largely invisibly) condition the kids in preparation for the new level of learning at secondary school. We had known for the longest time that PRESSURE at primary level was an EVIL that should NEVER EVER be used. This was the main scientific reason for ending the 11-plus. Testing at that age, vs the cost of the test. The 11-plus was also unfair to many with non-matching learning patterns (although no test can be 100% accurate).

So if pressure at primary is evil, it doesn't take a genius to understand what Blair knew he had to do. FOR MONSTERS LIKE BLAIR AND HITLER, ABUSING THE CHILD IS VASTLY MORE USEFUL THAN ABUSING THE ADULT.

Now an aside. You do know that for the truly powerful, child abuse is a GOOD THING in their eyes? I mean their own kids. The truly powerful DO NOT care about childhood, but they do care about forging a powerful heir. Old Prince Charles whines about the brutality of his upbringing, but you would have heard the same from any heir during the history of our royal family. One of Blair's early acts- a favour to his partner Margaret Thatcher, was protecting one of her school inspectors who had spent the whole of his teaching career raping little kids. The most significant thing about this story was not the child rape, but where the child rape had occured. Robin Peverett, 66, former headmaster of the elite Dulwich College preparatory school, was the abuser, and the marriage of one of his ex-pupils to Prince Edward his downfall (except this child raping monster was given no real punishment whatsoever). The victims were destroyed by the abuse, but their parents didn't give a damn.

So now we come to my point. The crap that passes for teachers in the UK claim that the kids are the problem, re. behaviour and mental health issues. Where have we heard that before. Oh, that's right, the US with the mass FORCED medication of kids with Ritalin, and even worse drugs. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A.D.D. AS AN ILLNESS. It does not exist. However what does exist is the known scientific phenomenon of holding a population of rats in an ever more confined space, until individuals start exhibiting abnormal behaviour. What a f**king suprise. Treat craetures like sh*t, and some of them start to break. ADD is like shellshock- NOT a condition of an individual, but a consequence of the abuse of an individual. TAKE AWAY THE ABUSE, AND THE SO-CALLED CONDITION WILL NOT OCCUR.

The abusers want to continue their abuse. The bastards that create wars have paid psychologits billions to come up with methods and medications to maintain the usefulness of the cannon fodder until they are properly expended by fatal wounds. The use of Ritalin is the exact same thing, a stage earlier in the process of training your cannon fodder. Change the school system so ritalin isn't needed, and the schools are no longer producing the quality of cannon fodder required by the US war machine.

Teachers believe they cannot meet the child's needs

YES THEY CAN- by stopping ALL co-operation with Blair's abusive policies, stopping ALL testing outside useful exams TODAY, and giving no more homework than is provable useful in gaining skills AND enthusiasm about the given subject. All of Blair's religious and history teaching dictats should be immediately ended. No state agents should be allowed into schools to feed Blair's vile propaganda to the kids (including all politicians, and representatives from the police and army). Any teacher ever responsible for an act of sado-masochistic rape against kids (otherwise known as school corporal punishment), either now or at ANY time in the past, should be removed from teaching forever, and subject to immediate prosecution (how you dribblers will hate this one, for all your claimed concern about kids).

Even if all the above corrections are applied, while the world is still depravity flavoured by Blair and the vile thugs that serve him, kids will continue to get depressed, like the rest of us. WE ARE THE CHILD ABUSERS, FOR WE ALLOW THE MONSTER BLAIR TO REMAIN IN POWER. If your child asks you "what possible use was that demo you went on on the 23rd Sep 2006?" what do YOU answer? "It made me feel good?" "It salved my conscience?" "It was fun partying with my friends?". AND YOU HAVE THE F**KING CHEEK TO WONDER WHY YOUR KIDS GET DEPRESSED AND SUFFER MENTAL ILLNESS?


citing sources

30.12.2008 11:58

Twighlight - I can decipher 50% of what you are saying. However without precise citation (ie proof of what you are saying down to a report/research name) it just reads as reactive jargon.

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