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People should not be afraid of their governments... Training for Sack Parliament

Mr. Fawkes | 30.09.2006 09:11 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | Social Struggles | London

“People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people”

A weekend of planning and training for ‘Sack Parliament’

As part of the weekend long events that are running up to Sack Parliament on the 9th October, there will be a film night and discussion on the 6th, and then training days on both the 7th and 8th at LARC and RampART.

FILM NIGHT AND DISCUSSION - Friday 6th October - 7pm @ LARC
V For Vendetta (2006) - Climaxing in a mass of people going to Sack Parliament.
PLUS: Films of actions against the war over the summer including the blockade of the Foreign Office and Brize Norton.
ALSO: Discussion on plans for Monday 9th October: Sack Parliament.

TRAINING DAY - Saturday 7th October - 10am-4pm @ LARC
A training day for people interested to learn and share skills. Workshops include:

Affinity Groups: What they are, how to organise one, trust, consensus, security and using them effectively

Legal workshop: Looking at the increased powers the police have, and how they might invoke them

Mass actions: How to engage effectively in mass actions and help make it a successful event

Medic/ trauma: Basic first aid for people on protests, and what to do if someone is seriously injured

Other group actions: Other action people might wish to take

Please bring food and ideas to share!

TRAINING DAY - Sunday 8th October - 10am-4pm @ RampART
A second training day, for those who missed the first. This is being held at RampART not LARC!

LARC (London Action Resource Centre): 52 Fieldgate Street. Nearest tube: Aldgate East Web:
RampART: 15-17 Rampart Street. Nearest tube: Whitechapel Web:
Sack Parliament - 9th October - 1pm

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30.09.2006 15:22

The LARC address is actually 62 (not 52) Fieldgate Street, and the website is (not