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The Faces Behind Redwatch

Antifascist | 27.09.2006 18:19 | Anti-racism

These are the scum behind Redwatch

As most Indymedia readers will know, 'Redwatch' is a Nazi hate site which compiles photos of antiracists. Here a few pics of the people who run it.

First of all, Kevin Watmough.



The Faces Behind Redwatch - 2

27.09.2006 18:34

Secondly, Tony White


The Faces Behind Redwatch - 3

27.09.2006 18:37

Thirdly, Tony Foy


The Faces Behind Redwatch - 4

27.09.2006 18:41

Redwatch photographer Carol White.


The Faces Behind Redwatch - 5

28.09.2006 10:10

And let's not forget Simon Sheppard.


Don't feed their egos!

30.09.2006 19:48

I welcome the chance to view these photos without going onto neo-nazi websites. Looking at their dress sense and facial expressions allows me to judge their intellect (for want of a better word). And I've seen it all before.

I'm a white working class male who has grown up along side similar people. I'd say these people are victims of some kind of child abuse (not necessarily sexual abuse) and are consequently projecting their anxieties onto a target that has been rationalised as the reason for their anger.

It works like this. First they repress the true cause of their anxieties (e.g. abusive parents), but, as always, repression is not enough of a defence and their anxiety soon returns. Not able to accept the true cause of the anxiety (for fear of evoking a far greater anxiety) they employ other defence mechanisms and commonly enter a stage of denial, which in turn requires them to rationalise a cause for their anxiety. Admitting this rationalisation would be too much so, in order to protect their ego, they employ many more defence mechanisms, to the point where they become completely deluded.

In this case they protect their ego by blaming Jonny Foreigner for their maladjusted personalities and indeed everything else they see wrong in the world.

I'm not suggesting they need therapy, more the opposite, I suggest they are beyond reasoning with. Clearly, by their own words and actions we know they are a serious threat to themselves and/or others and therefore they should be sectioned under the mental health act.

In fact anyone uttering nazi sympathies should be viewed with much caution. But when they start adorning themselves with nazi symbolism and join neo-nazi organisations they should be detained for their own safety and indeed that of others.

Hence, instead of fanning the flames these deluded people warm themselves with, political activist should consider campaigning for their detention under the mental health act. These damaged people are criminally insane!

What sane person would disagree?



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