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£50m Cuts To Liverpool Children's Hospital

Revol | 27.09.2006 16:26 | Health | Liverpool

As the government was attacked over its NHS policy at the Labour Party conference, plans to rebuild Alder Hey children's hospital in Springfield Park are in chaos, amid cuts to budgets forced by the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) scheme.

The original scheme was set to cost an estimated £350m - but has now been scaled back to just under £300m. The planned new hospital has had to shrink by almost a fifth in size, as health chiefs try to save money.

The hospital is due to be built under the Private Finance Initiative - where companies put up the money to build establishments such as hospitals or schools, and the NHS rents the new facilities back over thirty years. The trust must make sure it can coverthe payments to the businesses who put up the money to build it. But it must also make sure it uses its space in a way that will guarantee enough NHS funding to keep it in the black, which means it can no longer spend so much on the scheme.

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