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Defy-ID National Gathering - Nov 25th, Nottingham

Nottingham Defy-ID | 22.09.2006 09:49 | Repression | Social Struggles | Technology

Nottingham Defy-ID are holding a Defy-ID National Gathering on Saturday 25th November 2006 from 11am onwards at The Sumac Centre in Nottingham, to discuss opposition to ID Cards and the National ID Register.

There will be information and literature about opposing ID, sharing of resources and ideas, and a chance to meet and discuss with other anti-ID activists. The meeting is open to all, but is particularly intended for those who are already active or looking to become active against ID cards.

There will be a brief recap on the legislation so far, but a small amount of background knowledge will be helpful. (If you are looking to be quickly brought up to speed, the Nottingham Defy-ID bulletins on our website are a good place to start!)

This is not so much a public meeting to discuss the overall implications of the ID scheme, as a planning day of how we are going to stop it.

Food and basic accommodation (and hopefully lift shares too) will be available, though anyone requiring accommodation should email us in advance to arrange it.

Please see our website for full details of the day, as well as posters and flyers to print out:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Nottingham Defy-ID
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ID or passport

12.11.2006 18:58

Can I suggest a method too prevent the snoopers from the state attending your meetings Ask everyone attending to bring some means of identification with them as the "civil service people"and their ilk do not like giving out their private addresses. This would also weed out all the bale jumpers, non fine payers and other criminal types.

Mr Average
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Public transport instructions

24.11.2006 16:53

For those wanting to come by public transport, I've just updated the Nottingham Defy-ID website with details.


Roger Geowell
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