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New issue of radical punk zine (Last Hours) out now!

a zinester | 21.09.2006 22:05

The summer's over, autumn's here. What better time than now to head for something good to read, and learn about all the awesome stuff that the punk, DIY and anarchist communities have been up to in the past few months! The amazing new issue of Last Hours is out now. 116 pages packed full of articles, interviews, columns, reviews, comics and a whole lot more!

The new issue of Last Hours is out now. A journal for punks and radicals across the country this issue it features - amongst other things:

Six more months of self-activity: The Square social centre (a romantic recount of our adventures in and around the Square)

Community power: Decentralised energy guide (how to establish a decentralised energy network across the country)

Left of the dial: Zines of the 1990s (Marv from Gadgie zine takes us on a fascinating tour of the zine community of the '90s)

"Well that was weird": Climate Camp critique (a critical look at Climate Camp and proposals for improvement)

A State of Emergency (A look at the resurgence in direct action against war over the summer)

Art Not Oil photo essay +more

David Graeber - Radical antropologist discusses hierachy and how to subvert it

French teenagers involved with the anti-CPE revolt talk about why they joined in the blockades, protests and strikes

and including other interviews with: Ghost Mice, King Blues, Russ Substance (of No Substance and At the Library records), Nate Powell (vocalist in Soophie Nun Squad and author of Tiny Giants), Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (punk rock super group), Art.Music.Politic collective, Jon Williams (artist and author of Tales from the Sidewalk), The Steal, Captain Everything, Lake Me, Attack!Vipers!, I Object and more...

Comics, columns, reviews and art.

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