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NHS Privatisations Rouse Sleeping Giant

News Not Profit | 21.09.2006 13:13 | Health | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Liverpool

The working class is waking up to the harsh reality of New Labour’s plans
to privatise the NHS and is getting angrier and more militant by the day.
Despite record spending (on consultants!), NHS Trusts are cutting staff and beds to pay for corrupt and stupid PFI deals that will leave them with billions of pounds of debts to line the pockets of capitalist fat cats.

The NHS Chief Executive revels in plans to close 60 A&E hospitals around the
country and Patricia Hewitt is now refusing to limit the private sector’s
involvement in healthcare. Nye Bevan, who founded the NHS, fought to throw
all private care out of the NHS, to make it truly a service that responded
to need not profit and was governed by the people not the profiteers. He
failed, and like the rats they are, the boss class has come sniffing around
the honey pot of health spending. Their jags will once more be driving into
‘our’ hospitals.

There is something we can do. On Merseyside, staff at NHS Logistics, sold
to a German corporation are fighting back with strike action and a picket
has been organised for 12.30pm, Friday 22nd September at the NHSL Depot,
Lister Road, Runcorn. And you can donate to the UNISON-NHS Logistics
Dispute Hardship Fund, c/o Sotirios Loizou, Unison, 1 Mabledon Place London

In Sefton, plans to privatise GP services drew a packed meeting on the
13th to protest at the usual lack of consultation and way local wishes have
been totally ignored. Doctors are joining the fight against high-paid
consultants and dickhead bureaucrats forcing privatisation down people’s
throats in the name of ‘modernisation’. Its cost-cutting, to package
service delivery in a way that lets the private sector make a profit from
our taxes.

Sefton TUC is organising a meeting on 26 September at 7pm at the Unison
offices in the Merseyside Seaman’s Mission at 20 Crosby Road South,
Waterloo to discuss the Save Our NHS campaigns in Maghull and Southport &
Ormskirk Hospitals, a report back from anti-fascist campaining in Bootle &
Litherland and to mobilise more support for the Merseyside Firefighters in
their campaign to save their jobs and our lives.

News Not Profit