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SOCPA - babs is back in town

rikki | 17.09.2006 22:43 | SOCPA | Indymedia | Repression | London

after the rather public humiliation of superintendent terry this week in court, barbara tucker was back outside downing street this afternoon, attracting crowds as she sang anti-war songs with fellow activist, charity. meanwhile, steve jago, whose own draconian bail conditions are likely to be lifted on tuesday in a further slap in the face to terry, stood near-by reading orwell's 1984.

demo outside downing street this afternoon
demo outside downing street this afternoon

the three activists once again defied socpa legislation designed to free tony blair from the embarrassment of being publicly reminded of his war-crimes.

for the first time in months, police were conspicuous by their absence. the downing street diplomatic corps were there as usual of course, but no community support officers passed near, no foot-soldiers from charing cross arrived, no vans full of hired police thugs turned up, and the three brave protestors held their peaceful demonstration right outside downing street.

given all the intimidation, harrassment, and what has now been shown as unlawful actions by superintendent terry's charing cross gang in the past, it was a pleasant change to see the peaceful demo taking place in safety this afternoon.

the war is far from over, but a small battle has certainly been won, and today was proof of this.

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B arrested?

18.09.2006 17:58

I just heard that Barbara has been arrested and taken to Charing Cross police station. Don't have any details about what happened, but sounds like she was in Downing Street at the time. Hopefully Rikki will be able to confirm/have more news...



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