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SOCPA - victory in court today

rikki | 14.09.2006 20:48 | SOCPA | Indymedia | Repression | London

in a substantial blow to charing cross police, a major socpa case against barbara tucker was thrown out today, and bail conditions were also lifted

superintendent terry, who lost in court today
superintendent terry, who lost in court today

superintendent terry arrived at horseferry road magistrates court in full dress uniform today hoping to impress district judge snow. also in attendance was chief inspector robinson and another officer.

the judge first considered the charge against barbara tucker that she 'participated in a demonstration on the 26th march for which no authorisation had been received'. the defence pointed out that she had been arrested along with parliament square protestor brian haw, and that it was reasonable to suggest that she was either part of his then authorised demo, or that she was carrying on a solo protest of her own. either way, the judge dismissed the charge as 'void ab initio', which is legal jargon meaning that the case didn't have any legs right from the start and should never have been brought. it can imply corruption, which is something barbara has always alleged.

later, the judge was asked to over-rule the conditions of bail set earlier in a separate case against barbara (see

superintendent terry wanted her bail conditions to be widened, arguing that in their present form they were too ambiguous. after hearing the background, district judge snow agreed that they did seem ambiguous and so offered a rather more just solution. he ordered the conditions to be lifted, so barbara is now on unconditional bail, and the threat of imprisonment is lifted.

barbara left the court jubilant while terry looked crestfallen at the slap in the face that charing cross police had been given.

there are more socpa cases imminent, but the most important one coming soon is a high court hearing of the cases of maya evans and others, where the law will be shown to be incompatible with human rights.

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We won

14.09.2006 23:11

We won! Long great story - I will write as soon as possible.

Briefly, I said at half-time, lunchtime - they are stuffed. All that's needed is to put the apple in the pig's mouth, onion up its bum, and pop in the oven for roasting. It was part-roasted in fact this morning - completed in the afternoon.

Babs Tucker and Kate Audrey Johnson + Junior were exuisite.

Much more, as soon as.

District Judge Snow was a good brave judge after so many corrupt ones.

We thank God and and all who sail in her.

Love Brian and CO xxx

Brian Haw
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All change

14.09.2006 23:21

Terry gets the slapped arse look. Brilliant.
Love to Barbara and all the others!



15.09.2006 06:22

I wasn't hopeful, the system and its police being what it is but Wow! One small step for the People. Well done all those who suffer the exclusion zone and its painful arm locks, police cells and kangeroo courts and not forgetting those who stay out of bed to report their brave actions on this newswire. Also, it is good to know of at least one judge who puts justice before politics. Lets not get complacent though, the battle may be won but the war goes on. Watch your backs when the cops are next around, they hate losing face.

Alf Narkist

thanks ricky - keep reporting!

16.09.2006 12:51

thanks ricky, you are doing a brilliant job of reporting the ongoing socpa farces, keep it up!