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RINF Report: Nine Eleven Weekend of Truth, UK

Sanja | 14.09.2006 14:16 | Culture | London

What follows is a report of last weekends 9/11 truth weekend in London, UK.

Michael Meaney /

Kicking off on Saturday 9/9 2006, David Ray Griffin, author of ‘The New Pearl Harbour’ and ex MI5 whistleblower David Shayler spoke to 500-600 members of the public, activists and journalists in Conway Hall, London.

Shayler explained who he was and why he was there, explaining his own personal questions over the events of 9/11. My personal opinion is that Shayler was completely on the ball with his research, even though I personally think the Pentagon could be a straw man (sorry folks, I’m still on the fence with this one and I believe we should take great caution when dealing with this area), Shayler made his points very clear and concise and supporting evidence for this theory. He man has a natural gift for public speaking and is able to draw the listener in with seemingly great ease.

David Ray Griffin took to the stage and delivered another excellent talk, as it happens he is also a very funny man who knows how to make otherwise very scary points in a humorous way.

I agree the Pentagon strike, voice morphing techniques and holograms need to be discussed, but perhaps not in front of the mainstream media.

JULTRA has a more in depth report and video here:

Also, speaking of the mainstream media, another massive step for the movement was taken on Sunday morning with a MSM break though on the BBC. Take a look for yourself here:

This now gives us a lot more credibility, and offers a great opportunity for the movement to approach organisations which may not have looked into the truth of 9/11.

Sunday Morning

Sunday began with the 9/11 truth conference in Brixton. This was probably my favourite event of the weekend in which some of the hardest working campaigners held a series of workshops. Let me point out that I did not catch all the workshops and talks as I was around Brixton handing out leaflets and talking to people about the event for part of the day. The ones I feel are noteworthy were:

Andrew Johnson, who spoke about political Activism and approaching members of Parliament. Andrew has done extensive work in this area and displayed his efforts and results for us, some of which has been both positive and negative. Andrew spoke to us all as equals and welcomed questions without the all too common sneers and sarcastic comments from speakers seeking to take the spotlight.

Justin Walker also had a few words to say about his role in the movement, he has been incredibly active over the past couple of years, contacting MPs throughout the country. I once accompanied Justin to talk to his local MP, and I’ve seen the response this method can achieve, which is to say not a great deal in the immediate future, due to the nature of our political system. However these steps must be taken and those who are willing to go through the frustration of dealing with people, who don’t want to know, deserve all the support and encouragement we can muster.

I personally feel something from James Stewart of Financial Outrage would have made a nice addition to this, as he’s spent a lot of time, money and energy sending DVDs to every Member of Parliament.

Tony Gosling then spoke about making contact with local and mainstream media. Tony has worked for the BBC for a number of years and is knowledgably of their inner workings. He told us of his experiences at the BBC and his advice is extremely valuable and inspiring. He spoke about writing a press release, phoning radio shows and made suggestions that the best time to call in to talk shows are at night. Talksports springs to mind, if you can get through. Although local radio would probably love controversial topics to get the shows moving.

Another speaker who I felt was on the right level was Ian Neal from the London group who gave a brief history of the movement. Ian came across as someone who deeply cares about the lies we are being fed by our government and mainstream media. He explained how the London group formed and how the movement as a whole is currently taking shape.

It was unfortunate that Simon Aronowitz was not present, as noted by Ian. In my opinion Simon is responsible for getting the 9/11 truth ball rolling in this country and has contributed massively to the cause. Simon started the 9/11 truth radio site and also helped organise the Jimmy Walter 9/11 truth tour in 2005.

I should point out it was made perfectly clear that there is no real central body governing the actions of the movement, instead it is made up of people and groups throughout the country working independently.

It was also stated that nobody tells anybody what to do, I’ll return to this later on when I write about the protest on Monday.

Sunday Night

After nipping out to hand out leaflets in Brixton for the musical bonanza that night, I returned to the venue where Shayler was speaking about holograms, just before the first act.

I try my best to respect everyone’s opinion; however I cannot understand why Shayler is using his influence to promote a theory which damages the movement by giving an easy target of ridicule to the mainstream media and can potentially drive people away.

Now, it is clear David Shayler is passionate and wants to expose the truth, but I cannot agree that this is the way to do it. We already have enough evidence.

Next several fantastic musicians with a great message preformed, one after the other playing maybe a couple of songs each.

On the projector screen in the background clips of the Twin Towers demolition were being played, news clips and analysis of all the attacks of 9/11.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday night, the beer was very expensive, but that’s London I suppose.


U.S. Embassy in London protest.

See pictures here:

And yes all you wannabe internet stalkers, I am on there.

The afternoon went ahead with no trouble or problems, apart that the protest was in the wrong place for us to see the families of the victims or for them to see us.

Protesters were instructed by Annie Machon and David Shayler that this was to be a silent protest and told the sheeple to put down banners, posters etc when the families came out.

It was obvious the protesters were feeling emotional, and I believe they should have been allowed to express this in any non violent way they choose, having been told a day earlier that nobody controls anybody in the movement.

Then flowers were laid around a tree to remember the dead. A great lie has been told to the world, one which resulted in the loss of thousands of lives on that day, illegal wars which claim thousands of victims every month, loss of our personal freedoms, media manipulation, and massive financial and political gains for those responsible.

I urge anybody who has not yet seen the truth to simply look at the facts as they are there if you just take the time to read them. This is no “theory”, this is no “fantasy” and it not “paranoia”.

We are living in a dictatorship.

The rest of the world knows it and our media has been afraid to report it.

Get involved at


The weekend was a massive success drawing new people to the movement, showing that peaceful Activism does work and it was organised superbly. I take my hat off to all those involved and all those who attended. It was a truly remarkable few days of positive, pro-active and peaceful Activism.

On deeper reflection I can only report what I experienced. My picture wasn’t on the internet before the weekend began and I did not use the event to promote RINF.COM, which allowed me to talk with people who might have otherwise been a bit nicer, had they known I was reporting on the site. My job is to get the full picture, and report it - as it is, and I make no apology if I offend.

Massive steps have been taken and our campaign has been strengthened, we are in a great position to take things further. However ego is rife and I get the distinct impression a few hard working activists have been left feeling sidelined. I also spoke to a couple of people who were confused as for a campaign which needs the support of the people, made new comers feel stupid for asking questions.

Do not let the dazzle of the media spotlight blind us from our main objective, which is to conduct an independent inquiry into the true events of 9/11.

It’s not about the messenger; it’s ONLY about the message.



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