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London 9/11 Truth Protest

Chris | 11.09.2006 23:07 | Anti-militarism | London | Sheffield

Protestors gathered on the 5th anniversary of the attacks on 11th September 2001 outside the US Embasy in London.

9/11 Is A Lie
9/11 Is A Lie

No 1 Terrorist State
No 1 Terrorist State

Annie Machon and David Shayler
Annie Machon and David Shayler

Where is the Love?
Where is the Love?

Wake Up!
Wake Up!

911 We Want The Truth
911 We Want The Truth

In trouble for filming
In trouble for filming

Grosvenor Square
Grosvenor Square

9-11 Inside Job
9-11 Inside Job

Truth Protestors
Truth Protestors

The Pentagon and WTC7
The Pentagon and WTC7

Twin Towers and the War on Terror
Twin Towers and the War on Terror

The New Pearl Harbor
The New Pearl Harbor

911 Truth Protestors
911 Truth Protestors

911 Truth Protestors
911 Truth Protestors

911 Truth Protestors
911 Truth Protestors

911 Truth Protestors
911 Truth Protestors

Cycle of Peace
Cycle of Peace

Cycle of Peace
Cycle of Peace

Cycle of Peace
Cycle of Peace

The protestor was organised by the The British 9/11 Truth Campaign, and was agreed with the police before hand -- the protest was held in front of the left hand side of the embassy, in a pen and largely out of of sight of the official memorial event.



More Photos

11.09.2006 23:21

Cycle of Peace
Cycle of Peace

Cycle of Peace
Cycle of Peace

911 Truth Protestors
911 Truth Protestors

911 Truth Protestors
911 Truth Protestors

911 We Want The Truth
911 We Want The Truth

9/11 = USA / Neo-Con Conspiracy
9/11 = USA / Neo-Con Conspiracy

Inside Job
Inside Job

We Want The Truth
We Want The Truth

911: Muslims Didn't Do It
911: Muslims Didn't Do It

911: Muslims Didn't Do It
911: Muslims Didn't Do It

Truth Protestors
Truth Protestors



Part 2

12.09.2006 00:20

The second set of photos from the protest can be found here:



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don't you realise your obscuring the truth

12.09.2006 07:28

the conspiracy is the fact that we were taken to war on a false basis, and civil liberties have been curtailed since then.


Some uncomfortable reading for 9/11 truth egotists

12.09.2006 09:48


It's the big fight over 'the truth'. In the blue corner we have
the US government's official version of 9-11 events and in all the
other corners we have proponents of various 'conspiracy' theories.
But in these days of governments caught telling outright lies
about WMDs etc, and a massive groundswell of cynicism about any
official pronouncement - just what is a conspiracy theory? What
happens when 'common sense' is hijacked and the fringe goes
mainstream? And does it matter anyway?

The self-proclaimed 9-11 truth movement, in many ways a genuine
grassroots movement (or cult?), is growing and its ideas are
gradually filtering into the mainstream. No anti-war event is
complete now without a new 9-11 conspiracy DVD and flyers to some
new talk / book launch - and our inbox often overflows with new
'revelations'. Every possible, and some quite impossible angles
are covered - from the relatively mainstream question marks
hanging over the US administration's possible advance knowledge of
the plot, to off-planet assertions about holograms, missiles and
alien DNA. This kind of thing will always delight the 'Elvis faked
the moon landings with a black helicopter' Internet crowd, but
with polls showing that a third of Americans and nearly half of
New Yorkers believing US officials either knew about the attacks
or were actively involved, this represents a major uprising of
disbelief. This has forced the US govt into producing a series of
rebuttals, asserting their 'truth' and challenging the

The two main strands of theorising could be summed up as "they
knew in advance" and "the whole thing was faked". At the more
plausible end we have the idea that the Neo-Cons had anticipated
or were complicit in the events of 9-11. In any case, the event
enabled them to put into practice an agenda for global domination
hatched years before. It is all laid out in the year 2000 paper,
'Rebuilding America's Defenses' published by the Project for a New
American Century, a think-tank whose members included Cheney,
Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz (See SchNEWS 387). It talked about the fact
that a "catastrophic and catalyzing event - a new Pearl Harbor"
would be needed to transform the public's attitude to war.
Certainly there were no flies on the Cheney-Bush axis when it came
to taking advantage of 9-11's propaganda value, and even now Bush
routinely invokes it as an emblem of America's need to be
militarily aggressive.

At the other end of the reality spectrum, are those that are sure
that all the buildings were pre-primed with explosives, that all
the Jews who worked there were given advanced warning, that the
planes never existed and were in fact holograms disguising
missiles etc etc. The trouble with all these theories is that they
require mind-boggling numbers of people to have been 'in on it'.
It seems unlikely that the clique responsible for the disaster in
Iraq could have organised something so slickly. And why would they
need to go to the trouble? Two planes striking the towers would
have been more than enough to serve as the big catalytic terrorist
event... And if you were orchestrating the whole thing, why bother
faking it with missiles or holograms anyway? Just use real
planes... much simpler.

Perhaps this is why too much speculation on these points
eventually leads inevitably to a paranoiac world view, a secret
cabal who must control everything from behind the scenes - only
they could pull the wool over everone's eyes in such an
all-encompassing way.


The 'truths' arrived at by some of these theories are so way out
there, we began to wonder if they'd been spread deliberately to
sow confusion, making it easier for the authorities to discredit
the whole 9-11 debate by association. Conspiracy on conspiracy -
where does it end?

There's no doubt that big questions about the role of the US
government remain unanswered (for example, relationships with
Saudi elites), but it seems they're in danger of being drowned out
by the clamour of outright lunacy.

Poster-boy of the UK branch of the 9-11 Truth movement is former
MI5 agent David Shayler. An acknowledged 'insider', he must have
seemed a great asset to the fraternity. But at the Big Green
Gathering this year, SchNEWS were confronted with the spectacle of
a man who appeared to have swallowed and regurgitated the entire
works of David "blame the lizards" Icke. No stone was left turned,
no subject demystified as Dave told us how aliens have been
negotiating with our government and 500 abductees are the only
people who've got any real idea about all this 9-11 stuff. That
includes 7/7 and 11/7 (date of Mumbai bombings by the way) - all
evidence of an underground plot by a 'shadow Zionist secret
government'. Amongst other interesting points conjured forth were
that the Royal family is descended from multi-dimensional Annunaki
lizards (and 'flaws' in evolutionary theory prove it!) Riveting
though this stuff is, it is, unfortunately, a load of bollocks.

On the other hand, the documented existence of a shadow world of
CIA mounted black-ops and coups makes the idea that 9-11 was a
'false flag' operation seem within the realms of possibility.
American intelligence has a long and bloody history of covert
operations, instigating coups and funding opposition against those
that challenge their authority. Coups such as the one on the less
well remembered September 11th - 1973, when the CIA helped
overthrow the democratically elected leader of Chile, Salvador
Allende, and usher in a brutal military dictatorship. Doubts over
9-11, the cornerstone of the US's ideological crusade, make it
easier to appreciate that it's just all in a days work for the US
to fund and arm people like Saddam and the anti-Soviet forces in
Afghanistan, which gave rise to Al-Qaeda.

The fact that these theories are catching on so widely is partly
due to the huge growth of scepticism about the role of governments
in the entire War on TerrorT. In this country we already know that
our government plotted the war on Iraq well in advance, lied about
Iraq's WMDs and engaged in a systematic propaganda campaign to
support the invasion. We know that our government, in alliance
with the US, is engaged in secret renditions, torture and
aggressive war. Public awareness of the true nature of power has
probably never been higher - and the fact that so many are willing
to believe that the US government may have slaughtered its own
citizens shows how the ideological ground is shifting. It's not,
in the end, the truth of the allegations but the effect they're
having that's important.

The 9-11 truth movement clearly sees the anti-war crowd as fertile
recruiting ground (maybe we should return the compliment). They
argue that proving 9-11 a hoax should be the main focus of any
faction opposing the Neo-Con-men. But in reality, whether or not
they orchestrated 9-11 (let alone it actually be proven), we
should be concentrating on the broader US-led capitalist agendas,
and their catastrophic consequences. 9-11 was a symptom rather
than a cause of a 'big picture' which doesn't need science fiction
to explain it. World power is not a neat pyramid structure with
aliens, Jews or a cabal of men with a secret handshake at the top.
It makes more sense to see a range of competing power blocks,
alliances and cartels in a shifting, perpetual power play - with
governments, nationalist and business interests doing what they've
always done, battling for control of land, resources, workforces
and populations. There is one conspiracy that doesn't lurk in
smoky rooms behind closed doors - it's called global capitalism.

Kennedys magig bullet

The zionist 'left' say "obey your 'master-race' leaders"

12.09.2006 18:39

Socialism is as old as humanity. Racists (the same people that 'proved' black people were 'inferior' in the US during the early 19th century to protect slavery) state that 'master-race' prophets from the tribe of Israel (like Marx) 'invented' socialism, and hence every socialist should accept the intellectual superiority of the 'master race'.

Out of this is born the zionist 'left' agenda, the attack on those that condemn zionist control of Western governments and the media. Most recently, the zionist 'left' has been acting in support of the Israeli holocaust in Lebanon, and striking at the 911 truth movement whenever possible.

In the minds of the zionists, marxism = zionist control of left wing politics.

Look at the crude dagger piece quoted by New Reich thug "Kennedys magig bullet" from standard minor zionist 'left'-publication, Schnews. For the grown ups (and the zionists like to mock their 'sheep' in left-wing movements as too badly educated to have the ability to think for themselves), we have the responses to the astonishingly inept NIST FAQ document recently released by the US government.

The zionists COMMAND YOU to never think for yourselves, and never understand their methods of psychological manipulation.


The ONLY reason someone has for insisting you do not look at the methods of monsters is because, IN REALITY, they are on the side of the monsters.

The events in Lebanon have hopefully opened the eyes of hundreds of thousands of Humans. Blair and Israel stated that they would destroy every aspect of the nation, and across a matter of weeks did just that, targetting every aspect of a nation that ordinary people require for their daily lives. In the aftermath, the zionist left began an extraordinary campaign to state that the people of the Lebanon were sub-human scum of no concern whatsoever, and that the tribe of Israel is a 'master-race' to be praised for its crimes against humanity. Attacking the 911 truth movement is a stated extension of this program.

Learn the recorded history of false-flags, and then know that they are used whenever possible, often to justify wars against the innocent. Then ask yourself who are the vile scum who state that the 'sheep' must NEVER learn the truth. When the catholic church needed to destroy scientific theories, it used the EXACT SAME METHODS AS SCHNEWS. The catholic church released pamphlets and sermons quoting every nut, extremists, or the tongue-tied words of people correct in their understanding to dismiss scientific reality.


The very methods of the schnews article not only allows it to be dismissed as totally pathetic, but reveal an underlying motivation. It also reveals, to be total frank, that the whole article was written by a cretin. For far better government sponsored attacks against the 911 truth movement, you have to move beyond low ranking New Reich thugs embedded within minor leftish groups, and turn to the third generation comments to be found within Blair propaganda outlets like The Guardian etc.

Here, the crude methods of quoting the idiot words of cranks have long since vanished. Smart agents always seek to control by "steering into the skid", and never against it. Rather than lie, these journalists simply imply that the US always does this kind of thing, so why be concerned. Its just life as usual, and we Brits can relax in our moral superiority, occasionally finding time to call Blair a poodle. There are an infinite number of ways to psychologically manipulate a target audience. If you have the recollection, note how 'Lisa Simpson' is handled when SHE protests against the proposed monorail project for 'Springfield' (and if you think pop-culture references are stupid, you really should be aware of the background of some of the writers).

The zionist left say "ignore the truth of 911". The zionist left say "OPERATION:JAM TOMMOROW really does mean Blair is going". The zionist left say "it is the tribe of Israel, NOT the muslims that are threatened across the globe". The zionist left say "Western war criminals must NEVER be punished". The zionist left say "words count more than actions". The zionist left say "NEVER THINK FOR YOURSELVES". The zionist left say "not being educated is a GOOD thing, because then your opinion is untainted by thought or logic". The zionist left says "what does it matter if your media and government and courts are zionist controlled, and always push a zionist agenda- to protest this is to be racist".


The zionist left say this is a fine world to live in. Well, they would, wouldn't they.

The 911 truth movement is motivated by one thing alone- to remove one of the most potent tools used by monsters like Blair to allow warfare on a massive scale. Those that act against the 911 truth movement WORK AT ALL COSTS TO PROTECT THE TOOL OF FALSE-FLAG OPERATIONS.


I am with schnews

13.09.2006 00:42

I am with Schnews on this one, it's to much bother to do an inside job with military precision without any leaks, easier to foster ill feeling against the west and fund terrorists who will do it for you, and then let it happen.

As for conspracy theories Look at Roswell. Evidence strongly points to that being a top secret crashed U.S. spy balloon, then came the UFO theories which I can't help but feel suited the US govenment for 2 reasons 1: pointed away from the truth 2: made the Russians think the USA had alien technology (soon after a Russian military video was "leaked" of a downed alien craft).

There are no Lizzard men.

Sue di nim

Not with Schnews on this

13.09.2006 18:14

Haven't read the usually excellent Schnews for a while but this definitely counts as very shoddy journalism. The remarks "We should..." be doing blah, blah, blah carries the implication that Schnews readers are a single unified group of people. This definitely a move away from the old Schnews that was all about empowering people to act and think for themselves.

Associating Icke (or any other loon) with a cause or protest is weak and illogical way to try to win an argument. It's the same technique as advertising: no logic at all, just associating a product (or idea) with something good or bad. If Icke started coming on the excellent Smash Edo campaign would it then be all far fetched nonsense? Of course not.

To argue that it's not important who was behind 9/11 is truly bizarre - its probably the single most important day in recent world history. But I guess, "We should be concentrating on the broader US-led capitalist agendas.." ... Well who the hell is "we" and personally I don't won't want to be part of anything that tells me what I "should" be doing. If I can't work that out for myself then I may as well go join the SWP.

If anyone thinks that 911 didn't have involvement by US officials then you need a pretty good theory as to why a 47 floor building just miraculously collapsed at free fall speed into its own footprint in the late afternoon of Sept 11th. It was blatently brought down by explosives!!!

Schnews might also like to explain how at least 6 of the alleged hijackers managed to survive those plane crashes and turn up perfectly well after the event.

Oh and BTW of course there was a conspiracy - even the US government accept that. The only question is who was part of it.

Come on Schnews you can do better this. A lot better. Stop trying to tell people what to think and concentrate on what you're good at: information for action - not inaction.


1 more thing

13.09.2006 22:09

My prediction is this:

The 80 or so witheld videos from the pentagon attack will be released once the loose change version of events has reached it's pinnacle of support, proving it to be not true, completely discrediting the WHOLE idea (lizzard men, aliens, and all) that the powers that be had anything to do with it, burying the truth that they were behind it, just not in a direct way.

then they'll pay David Shitsler

sue di nim

Another conspiracy?

14.09.2006 07:46

So they're witholding evidence as part of a long term plan to discredit conspiracy theories!!! Which is of course a conspiracy theory itself.

And regardless of what hit the Pentagon that will have no effect in discrediting the footage of the collapse of building 7 and the mountains of other evidence that simply doesn't fit the official story.


response to Schnews article

14.09.2006 10:27

I sent this email to Schnews after coming across their article in the previous comment here on this site:

"...I was surprised by the tone of Truth-Ache which was very similar to the lazy, poorly researched bollox available in the mainstream press everywhere. It seemed to spring from the tired holier-than-thou mentality I normally associate with the old RCP and SWP puritans. Granted the article only claimed to be a gingerly toe dipping into "the murky waters": I humbly suggest a total body immersion therein for an extended period before you start hectoring your gentle readers on the subject!

It's taken me a year of being up the 9/11 shit creak to feel remotely confident in my understanding of the politics of the event and the world's response to it.

I'd suggest Michael Ruppert's book "Crossing the Rubicon. The Decline of American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil" as a good initial dowsing. He shows convincingly how 9/11 is very much rooted in capitalism's struggle to maintain its dominance. You can rest assured that there are no no-plane theories, no reptiles, aliens or dreams about flying biscuits in the book. There is a cheesecake on page 24, though.

I must admit that the stereotypical structure of your article did make me wonder whether poor old Schnews has been infiltrated by polar neck sweaters. Oh dear.

Best wishes and good luck"

Neil Anderson
mail e-mail:

on Conspiracies

14.09.2006 12:52

And regardless of what hit the Pentagon that will have no effect in discrediting the footage of the collapse of building 7 and the mountains of other evidence that simply doesn't fit the official story.

I think they will, have a massive effect, they own most of the media

plus, there is evidence that points to building 7 recieving serious damage from the collapse of one of the twin towers, damge that could not be shown on any camera, as cameras could not get round that side.

I just think it's impossible to pull this stunt you are talking about off without a leak, think of the numbers of people involved to do it, all of whom killed their own citizens, some of whom would have had freinds/family in New York. how many soldiers no matter how high up or specialist would follow such an order? Plus as already mentioned, The U.S. governments history in the way they carry out operations, which is to support and fund someone else to do it through black ops, that's how they caused it to happen.

You called the media trick I thought they were up to with regards the unreleased footage of the pentagon a "conspriacy theory about a conspiracy theory", these kind of media tricks are an every day occurance, I backed it up with the Roswell case, I could search for loads more examples. that's what makes it plauseble.

Loose change is described as a "wild" conspiracy theory, because it is so out of charactor of the US, because the trail of evidence would be massive, and because of the risks involved being too great (being found out, massive civil unrest etc.), And because it would be so much easier and safer (from the governments point of view) to create a global sitiuation where America are attacked by some group, or country, then to allow it to happen (I have heard it said that they new about Pearl Harbour in advance, and it doesn't suprise me.).

Loose change is a dead end.

Sue di nim

Why are Schnews putting out Mi6 propaganda at the expense of innocent lives

14.09.2006 15:30

There are some inaccuracies in the Schnews article, which I feel I must correct as they appear to be designed to undermine my position in the 9/11 Truth network.

"No stone was left turned, no subject demystified as Dave told us how aliens have been negotiating with our government and 500 abductees are the only people who've got any real idea about all this 9-11 stuff."

I have never said any of the above or anything remotely like it. Have Schnews got the principles and the guts to say sorry for getting it so wrong?

That includes 7/7 and 11/7 (date of Mumbai bombings by the way) - all
evidence of an underground plot by a 'shadow Zionist secret

After leaving office, President Theodore Roosevelt drew attention to the existence of a shadow or invisible government, based on his experience in office. Most obviously this is a conspiracy of hyper-capitalist interests like the oil industry and the arms industry and the Federal Reserve, a cabal of private banks who control the money flow and therefore the world's economy.

Are Schnews trying to tell us that the Zionists and the State of Israel play no part in the disintegration of a peaceful world? We only have to look at how Israel has largely got away with its assault on Lebanon to realise that is the case.

I hope Schnews journalists haven't made the mistake of the capitalist press and ventured opinions on subjects they have not researched, just for their own propaganda. There are a number of unanswered questions about 7/7, detailed in Mind the Gap.

"Amongst other interesting points conjured forth were
that the Royal family is descended from multi-dimensional Annunaki
lizards (and 'flaws' in evolutionary theory prove it!) Riveting
though this stuff is, it is, unfortunately, a load of bollocks. "

I didn't say the above either, although I have on occasions mentioned that David Icke has talked about this. It is not my view. On macro-evolution, Charles Darwin said that his hypothesis on the mutation of species would stand or fall on the discovery of fossils proving this. After 150 years of looking, not a single fossil has been found to support this hypothesis.

I've been to prison twice for my beliefs, been subject to what appear to be three attempts on my life in suspicious car accidents and find myself blacklisted -- all for standing up for the truth and exposing the intelligence services. If Schnews had campaigned in support of my efforts to expose the evil at the heart of the secret state, rather than custard pie-ing me the evening I received an award from Privacy International for my work defending civil liberties [Note: I added this - Annie], then several thousand innocent Afghans and over 100,000 innocent Iraqis might not be dead.

Until the truth of 9/11 and other false flag operations are exposed, the shadow government will continue to murder in the name of profit and pervert the democratic process through its ownership of the media and control of political parties by donation.

So why is Schnews spreading inaccuracies which work in the interests of this shadow elite at the very time we should be uniting to expose this evil? Why are they denying the existence of Zionism and attacking those risking death to expose the truth about MI5, MI6, Mossad and the CIA, especially when the evidence for that truth is overwhelming?

We need to learn the lessons of the failure of the mainstream and alternative left over the last 25 years, otherwise the innocent will continue to die. In that vein, I ask Schnews to come to any of our events to find out the truth and welcome working with all those who are trying to expose the New World Order or Capitalist elite, whatever you want to call them.

If MI5 and MI6 can see the threat I pose to their corrupting power, why can't you, Schnews? Or are you more interested in creating the kind of division and in-fighting which cost the left its support over the past 25 years?

Dave Shayler

David Shayler


15.09.2006 03:09

> there is evidence that points to building 7 recieving serious
> damage from the collapse of one of the twin towers

Well it seems odd that FEMA and NIST have still not come up with a plausible theory explaining the collapse after 5 years and that NIST are still working on it. Not to mention that the buildings owner, Larry Silverstein, admitted that they "pulled it" on a TV interview.

> I just think it's impossible to pull this stunt you are talking about off without a leak,

Exactly. But there are loads of leaks from the guy who collected the black box flight recorders which were then reported as never found to numerous FBI agents who had their investigations blocked. There have been several deaths in strange circumstances of potentially key people too. There is tons of stuff like this. Though obviously anyone who went along with such a plot in the first place is not going to stand up later and say "we did it".

> think of the numbers of people involved to do it

Well I don't think that such actions would be so entirely unsupported by various sections of the US military and elites. They need control of the world's dwindling energy supplies to maintain their dominant position in the world.

> Loose change is described as a "wild" conspiracy theory,
> because it is so out of charactor of the US,

Good ol' Uncle Sam eh! Actually although bigger than such actions they've done before it is entirely in character with the US. In the 60s the military had plans to crash civil airliners and blame Cuba to justify an attack. (BTW I havent seen Loose Change so can't comment specifically on that.)