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Sheffield Children's Hospital: Save Ward S2

Sheffield IMC | 10.09.2006 19:34 | Health | Sheffield

Protestors took to the streets of Sheffield on Saturday 9th September in response to Ward S2 in Sheffield Children's Hospital being threatened with closure.

S2 is a specialist childrens ear, nose and throat ward and its closure is part of a £3 million cuts package for the Hospital, which is just a fraction of the 3 year £100 million cuts package for the NHS in Sheffield. Hospital unions are objecting to cuts which include not filling vacancies and workers' hours being cut.

These cuts are not an isolated incident, in July there was a protest against privatisation on the 58th anniversary of the founding of the NHS. The Government's ongoing underfunding, cuts and privatisation of the National Health Service have also been covered by Cambridge and Liverpool IMCs.

Sheffield IMC
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Protest works!

10.10.2006 11:25

I recently heard that the proposed closure of Ward S2 has been "postponed" for a year. Of course, it should been kept open indefinitely (and resources increased in general).

But this "reprieve" is a result of the protests organised by the NHS staff at the Children's Hospital, including the demo last month.
Resistance doesn't always succeed but no resistance always fails.