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Thoughtcrime in Britain’s Ascendant Police State

Kurt Nimmo | 09.09.2006 20:03 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Repression | London | World

The latest bit of media hyperventilation surrounds the supposed discovery of an “Islamic school in the Sussex countryside, where it is alleged night-time training exercises were staged,” according to Mike Sullivan, billed as the Sun’s “crime editor.”

It is interesting to read Rupert Murdoch’s the Sun newspaper, ferreting out the cheesy “stunner” banner ads of half naked women to get at the glaring propaganda grist.

For instance, we are told the “Sun can reveal” there are upward to five “suspected al-Qaeda training camps in Britain” and “MI5 agents are watching locations where they believe young Muslims are being trained as terrorists,” in other words British intelligence is busy setting up their groomed patsies, as we know MI5 has a long and sordid history of protecting and then sacrificing its own “homegrown” would-be “al-Qaeda” terrorists.

The latest bit of media hyperventilation surrounds the supposed discovery of an “Islamic school in the Sussex countryside, where it is alleged night-time training exercises were staged,” according to Mike Sullivan, billed as the Sun’s “crime editor.” As usual, we are expected to switch off the higher reasoning centers of our brains and believe Islamic bad guys were “followed by undercover MI5 watchers as they went on camping trips at beauty spots around the South East of England.” Of course, the word “watchers” should be replaced with “handlers.”

So clueless are these putative terrorists, they “mingled with ordinary members of the public. They must have seemed like innocent nature-lovers enjoying the outdoor life and the best that England can offer. But in reality we believe they were planning mass murder,” according to a security source. “During the surveillance, some watchers heard one leading suspect telling a group that as many people as possible should be killed.” It is amazing this bit of stupidity—obvious Muslims discussing terrorism in public, loud enough to be overheard by “watchers,” that is to say handlers—is allowed to pass without comment in the Sun.

Of course, all of this provides an all too convenient excuse to use “new legislation outlawing the training of terrorists” before they can put “their wicked plans into action,” in other words the emergent police state in England is ironing out the wrinkles in its ministry of precrime, or rather thought crime, never mind such “wicked” thoughts are systematically implanted in hand-picked and stepfordized patsies, dupes, and half-wits. After arrest, these suspects are “quizzed on suspicion of soliciting murder, which carries a life term.” As Amnesty International has revealed, suspects are “quizzed” under “harsh conditions of detention” that impact “the men’s mental and physical well-being.”

No doubt many Britons, sufficiently conditioned by the July 7, 2005, London “suicide bombings” by young men who did not fit the profile of suicide bombers, are onboard with the incrementally encroaching police state that declares its intent to “crack down on the process to recruit and brainwash terrorists—even before they plan an attack,” that is to say short of the government pulling off a terror attack coinciding with astronomically improbable terror exercises.

Now we are told “Al-Qaeda recruiters could be deliberately targeting white and West Indian Muslim converts to be suicide bombers in an effort to evade detection by the security services,” warns Life Style Extra. “Several non-Asian Muslim converts are known to have been involved in terrorism, including Jamaican-born Germaine Lindsay, one of the July 7 tube bombers, shoe bomber Richard Reid, and Zacarias Moussaoui, who studied Islam at Brixton Mosque and is the only person to be convicted over the 9/11 hijack plot,” all apparently stepfordized mental deficients.

Crispin Black, a former Cabinet Office intelligence analyst, told LSE “that young men who have gone off the rails or suffer identity crises and search for religion are vulnerable to being manipulated by terrorists who use a twisted version of Islam to justify their campaign of hate.” Naturally, Mr. Black and the media fail to mention the repeated instances of documented connections between these supposedly manipulative terrorists and British intelligence, for instance the connections between Abu Qatada, Haroon Rashid Aswat, Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, Abu Hamza al-Masri, and MI5.

For many people, the passage of the Terrorism Act 2006, incorporating “measures to stop the encouragement of terrorism, preparation of terrorist acts and terrorist training” and in particular the “glorification” of terrorism, as noted by the British Association for the Advancement of Science, makes sense, considering the bogus aura of manufactured terrorism.

“This controversial measure is intended to allow the police to act against people who ‘praise or celebrate’ terrorism in a way that makes people think they should emulate such attacks…. Much of the act is not aimed at terrorists themselves, but instead at people who previously have existed on the fringes of extremist movements,” that is to say people who have not committed any crime and in fact may be framed by the government for thoughtcrime or an allegation of thoughtcrime, for as George Orwell declared in his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, “Thoughtcrime is the only crime that matters.”

Orwell’s Thought Police used psychology and surveillance to find and eliminate members of society who were capable of the mere thought of challenging ruling authority. In Britain today, the ruling authority is not using thoughtcrime so much as a way to stamp out all deviant thought, but rather as a mechanism to create the specter of pervasive terrorism and thus erect, piece by piece, the scaffolding of a police state.

A similar process is at work in America, albeit not as advanced, for in America the bulwark of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights stand in the way. However, our unitary decider, the frat boy hailing from a crime family with an affinity for Nazis and fascism, who has declared a dictatorship would make things a whole lot easier, is well on the way to emulating the Brits, who have no such guarantees to downgrade.


Kurt Nimmo
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Police State

17.09.2006 08:35

I wanted to voce agreement with the author especially his comments about the erection of a police state. Speaking out against the structure of the so called justice system disturbs too many people's comfort zones. I know from contact with Brighton and Hove "filth" that they are bullying cowards hiding behind uniforms whose sole interest is in impressing superiors and performance related pay.My contact with them involved wrongful arrest, adverse effects on my health and being bullied into making a confession, at my police interview the bullying and intimidation and abuse were so strong my duty solicitor eventually intervened, denial of fluids and sleep deprivation were also my experience This government has spoken about being tough on the causes of crime, to the best of my knowledge it has never even identiied causes let alone done anything about them.
I'm glad I've fund this site and will visit often

George Coombs
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