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Solidarity with asylum seekers demo 5th September

Nimrod | 31.08.2006 10:02 | Anti-racism | Globalisation | Migration | Liverpool

'Voice of Asylum Seekers' are asking for your solidarity and support with their campaign by demonstrating outside Reliance House (Water Street), Liverpool, on Tuesday 5th September, daytime 12.30 - 1.30.

Asylum seekers face intolerable conditions and enormous mental stress; the demonstation will be lively, colourful, musical and will send the message that we will not allow immigration laws to divide us -an injury to one is an injury to all.



Update regarding Kurdish asylum seekers in UK detention centres

31.08.2006 13:09

A number of Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers who have been detained in different UK detention centres have been threatened with forced deportations on 5 September. The Iraqi asylum seekers have been given letters today informing them of the deportation orders. They have all however refused to sign acknowledgement of the letters

We call for all humanitarian organisations and refugee rights organisations to support the Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers from Iraq and the efforts to stop their deportation. We ask you to support the campaign Coalition to Stop Deportations to Iraq, (website IFIR and CSDIraq also oppose the underhand methods being used by the Home Office to pressure large numbers of Iraqi Kurds to return to Iraq / South Kurdistan via the so-called “voluntary returns” scheme.

Please send letters condemning these deportations to the British Embassy.

The names of the prisoners in Colnebrook , Harmondsworth, Dover and Campsfield House Detention centre are:

1. Hemn Kadir Salih member of WCPIS1087244- unite A Colnebrook
2. Muhammad Khalid Amin
3. Oler Ezadin Ahmed
4. Lokman Muhammad
5. Mudawal Ahmad Kanabi
6. Baxteiar Namiq
7. Sherko Muhamad
8. Dana Mustafa
9. Hamid Rafat
10. Sherko
11. Farhad
12.Alan Ali Abdul Karim TR4887- Dover
13.Aram Osman Ali detained TR5090- Dover
14.Hemen Abdulla Shoker TR 5429- Dover
15.Hassan Farraden/ Facraden TR 5441- Dover
16.Ahmed Sadiq detained 27 May KT 9949 Dover
17-Kadir Mohammed TR 4948- Dover
19-Osman Aziz member of WCPI
20-Adil Kako member of IFIR
21-Burhan Namiq- unite D Colnebrook
23-Hewa Amin M1289394- unite D Colnebrook
24-Nase Mohammad M1084465- unite D Colnebrook
25-Mohammad Bashir CB17015- unite D Colnebrook
26-Mustafa Ahazhar M128921/2- unite D Colnebrook
27-Mohamad Sharif Aziz A1180333- unite D Colnebrook
28-Omed Mahammad 0/011990/2- unite D Colnebrook
29-Gehan Gabar Galal G1037309- unite A Colnebrook
30-Aziz Sheko Omar- unite A Colnebrook
31-Mohammed Hamn Aziz A1179343- unite A Colnebrook
32-Sulyman Abdullah A1170266- unite A Colnebrook
33-Marrywan Hamed Aziz A1179343- uniteA Colnebrook
34-Fuaad Ahmed- J1086116 unite A Colnebrook
35-Karzan Jangeer- J1119944 unite D Colnebrook
36-kawa Ahmad Salih
37-shahen Hwkar- Colnebrook
38-Soran Mohammad- Colnebrook
39-Kader Hussen- Colnebrook

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees
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