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Police seize weapons at 'green' camp!

n | 31.08.2006 08:46 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Repression

Police are justifying draconian stop and search activity around the Camp for Climate Action by telling press that they have arrested people for posession of weapons....

Since imposing a section 60 order around the area of Drax power station and the squatted field containing the camp for climate action, police have been stopping and searching all vehicles and people entering or leaving the area. While claiming that this is about preventing weapons being taken on site, the reality of the situation is very different.

Legal obersevers are reporting incrediable abuse of police powers to seize property. In one incident a fork was taken from a tuperware box of food taken from a camper entering the site - appartently it was a weapon. In another example, a metal tracking mount for solar panels was taking on the basis that it might be used as a weapon. Even more outrageous, in another incident, police diassembled a mobile phone and when asked why they said it was because the phone might contain a gun!

Any knife found is being seized, regardless of the context. Bearing in mind that the campers are camping, it is not unreasonable for people to have folding pocket knifes etc but police have been any to justify their behavior by making a couple of arrests and issueing press statements about their alledges finds.

Nether-the-less, the arrests




31.08.2006 09:43

I hope all those deprived of lawfully held tools will be complaining to the IPCC and demanding compensation from the police force involved. Anyone may carry a folding pocket knife with a blade not more than 3 inches in length *without* needing lawful authority or reasonable excuse. In any event a camper would have reasonable excuse for any sensible knife in order to perform any necessary repairs to their tent.

Drax the Destroyer

Police seize weapons at 'green' camp!

31.08.2006 10:12

erm, surely that should read :Police seize 'weapons' at green camp!


legal rubbish and media spin

31.08.2006 20:59

The weapons line has been repeated across all tv news reports that I've seen today.

In this context it's illuminating to note the indymedia timeline entry for 2.23pm which details what the chief super said in the police press conference outside Drax, and which was broadcast in full on some digital news channels:

2.23 police spokesperson doing live TV interview reports 28 arrests so far ('those inside the power station and for possession of weapons', says he is disappointed about people having weapons), when pressed on this he admits only two people have been arrested for 'possession of weapons'

Sadly the assembled press didn't press him further on what kind of weapons the two people arrested had. The legal team from the camp late this afternoon reported one man released without charge, he had a screwdriver. Another person had a small penknife.

But that's all too late. Since much of the press simply reports "weapons" - which to my mind conjures up images of machetes, swords, guns, and large flick knives etc etc etc



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