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Creating your own spiritual culture: Workshop feedback at the Camp for Climate A

Chris Philpott | 30.08.2006 21:09 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

I have just held a Green Spirituality Workshop on Climate Change. I used the example of the way people are living at the Camp for Climate Action as an expression of spiritual teachings. The camp has created a true alternative spiritual culture.

Taoism teaches us to live simply - well, all the camp members are doing that here. Christianity teaches us to love our neighbour as oneself - well, love is being generated here! Islam teaches us to be aware of our thoughts and actions and regular meetings in neighbourhoods at the camp mean people are becoming more aware of how their thoughts and actions affect others. Buddhism teaches us to practice compassion, and understanding, and relieve suffering - well, the Well-Being Tent offers that! Jainism teaches us to be non-violent, and the mediation team here are always on duty to help resolve any disputes, which might lead to mental or physical violence. Hinduism teaches us to act unselfishly, and the way volunteers work in the kitchens providing wholesome food is a great example of this.

I could go on, but here there is a true spiritual culture being created. Come and join us!

Chris Philpott


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WTF is this mumbo-jumbo

30.08.2006 23:45

FFS do you really think this is a good advert for the climate camp?!



31.08.2006 00:52

Fucking 'A*+' to the atheists. I prefer atheists trying to off the almighty than hippys trying to reinvent him. God is not dead, he is just being bored to death by fucking po-mo morons.

A Christian

Atheism Is A Belief System

31.08.2006 07:28

Because none of us can know for certain or prove that there is no such thing as God or there is such a thing as God being an atheist is more like a belief system. I prefer agnosticism because I don't KNOW either way.

Great that the Climate Camp were involved in spiritual experiences, for it is becoming increasingly common that people have spiritual experiences who do not believe in religion or any particular Religion (like me). People world wide are recognising that there is a spiritual link between us all whether or not we agree with it or are prepared to admit it.

The spiritual teachers of the past have great wisdom - for instance they were wise enough not to start any religions themselves - it was their ignorant followers who started religions - which started wars etc.

What the two comments above have missed is that you don't need a God or to reinvent God to express your own spirituality and be in contact with other people experiencing spirituality - you just need to feel. Spirituality is a part of everyone and it is as natural as breathing and just as beneficial.

Live & Let Live


31.08.2006 07:45

What is it about environmental politics that attracts these hippy dippy idiots? And WHY are they tolerated?


Not Hippy Dippy Shit but Spiritual Values that Motivate

12.09.2006 09:58

Read the comments on the workshop with interest thanks for your replies. This is not hippy dippy shit it is a genuine exploration of what values people live by.What motivates me is the teachings of the Buddha .. to show compassion and love for all beings and that means all the planet! It seems that some people are really quite intolerant of the viewpoints and motivations of others, and seem to imply that unless you are hard left, an activist , and gert arrested you do not count. The fact is that we are all in this together and the green movement is a broad church. Everyone has the right to say there is no meta physical reality but they do not have the right to impose this on everyone else. The sort of intolerance in some of the comments looks like a form of eco fascism, that there is only one type of person that can participate in a climate camp. If you discard the views of people like me then you weaken the very foundation of the green movement and there are not enough green activists already. Think about it!
Chris Philpott

Chris Philpott