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MET police arrive at Climate Camp

onsite reports | 30.08.2006 17:22 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | London

A report from someone in the climate camp says that over the last few hours, police from the London MET force have arrived outside the climate camp, and that there has been a corresponding increase in tension.

It's reported that at least on person has been arrested near the camp car park, apparently for having a pen knife on them, but this is unconfirmed. Another person is reported to have been strip searched on suspicion of possessing drugs.

Throughout the day people arriving or leaving have been subject to searches by police under the section 60 order put in place last night.

Treatment has varied according to both the individuals and officers involved - some people have had every single item in rucksacks searched for weapons, others have just had their bags patted down. Police are issuing people with reciepts on completion of the searches.

Despite this people have refused to be intimidated, and continue to come and go at will, getting on with the daily life of the camp.

After today's earlier rebuff of the police who wanted to come onto the site, when people gathered at the gate, turned their backs on police, held up banners to block the police cameras, and stated clearly that they did not want them onsite, it seems a second attempt was made after the MET police arrived.

At around 5.30pm people again gathered at the main gate as police arrived saying they wanted to come into the camp. The exchange was more heated this time, and police also moved towards the second gate of the camp, where around 50 people also gathered to make it clear they were not happy with the idea of police coming on site without permission of the camp.

People continue to try and talk to the police and reason with them, all the while the camp continues, with kitchens cooking and discussions ongoing.

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latest news from camp - @ 11pm all quiet

30.08.2006 22:02

latest from camp says at 11pm all is quiet and calm. people remain vigilant and optimistic.



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