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Climate Camp fun and action- if not tomorrow then when?

If you are not here you are missing out! | 30.08.2006 16:05

Under the shadow of Drax power station, the Camp for Climate Action has been bursting into life this week. This totally unprecedented project has involved hundreds of people from across the UK coming together to take action against the causes of climate change.

The camp has been a great success, with a packed programme of workshops and a collective commitment to organising the camp in an environmentally-friendly way. This morning everyone is busy making preparations for the day of action against Drax tomorrow (Thursday). Kids are making colourful banners and there are rumours of a huge ostrich puppet, (the unofficial camp mascot). This afternoon the camp will converge to finalise plans for the action.

What has really stuck me is the way in which everyone who has come to the camp is getting involved. People from all walks of life and with all sorts of previous experiences are here, and everyone is doing thier bit to make the camp tick. From action planning to compost toilet building, everyone is getting involved.

Police disruption has been what you might expect- but nothing they have done has really upset the mood of the camp or the activities going on.

Wednesday's actions included a 10 hour blockade of Hartlepool nuclear power station and Bicycology's pedal-powered visit to Selby (where local kids queued up to get their bikes fixed).

Inspired by these, the ball is up and rolling for a great day tomorrow.
Get down here as soon as you can - after all, we've only got a few years left to make the radical changes that we desperately need!

If not tomorrow, then when?

If you are not here you are missing out!
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