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Tree camp eviction to start this week?

Worthingite | 27.08.2006 07:34 | Ecology | Free Spaces | London | South Coast

A CALL-OUT for help has been made by the Camp Titnore protesters in Worthing, West Sussex, who fear an eviction attempt is likely to be made this week.
On Tuesday morning an appeal hearing is to be held into the eviction order issued by the High Court in London.

And if that is lost, it is possible the High Court bailiffs with their specialist climbing teams and cherry pickers, backed by police, could move in straight away - either later that day or early on Wednesday morning.
This suspicion was strengthened on Saturday when a police helicopter hovered over the camp for some time, clearly assessing numbers on site.
Those with experience of other sites say this usually happens a couple of days before eviction. Indeed, the helicopter also visited Camp Titnore two days before the original court hearing, on July 27, at which the starting pistol could well have been fired for eviction itself, had it not been for the unexpected leave to appeal.
The protest camp, against an 875-home development, road widening and new Tesco on green land, including ancient woodland, began on May 28.
It has attracted huge public support locally, with Worthing residents disgusted at the way Worthing Borough Council has ignored overwhelming opposition to the plan and meekly bowed down to the interests of the landowners and the property developers.
Protesters have vowed to stay in the tree camp to the bitter end, deploying "passive resistance" to the small army of hired thugs expected to be sent in against them.
Anyone who can help is urged to get down to the camp in time for the possible eviction. Exact dates are not likely to be provided in advance by the authorities!

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