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The situation tonight in Oaxaca, Mexico

Jesus Garcia | 23.08.2006 03:40 | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista | World

In Oaxaca now as many possibly already know, the climate is of total ungovernability, the city has been completely taken, there are pickets and occupations of many government offices where already nobody works, whole streets are barricades with the participation of busand taxis drivers who have put their units into the blockades.

Today at dawn all radio stations were taken over, if one turned on the radio, whether am or fm, ie the whole radial frequency, was taken by the APPO, and all this in answer to those shootings today at dawn that were recorded on the pickets as among the radio antennae and television stations, that channel 9 was off the air, that
it had been taken over by the women of Oaxaca (oaxaqueñas), and
shootings in which a "compa" (comrade) was wounded and others had been disappeared.

The popular movement is exceeding anything that I could imagine and the people´s solidarity literally feeds the movement and now people are coming down from the mountains outside the city, as a result of the latest events, to reinforce the
resistance in the capital.

There are multiple alarms abot the imminent eviction (of the pickets in the main square) and the situation is one of uncertainty.

Already various compas have been killed and an increase in repression is expected for this week.

I don't want to be an alarmist, but I do ask you to pay attention to what is happening here as far as you are able to and raise your voices before any possible violations.

It is said there is a possibility that tonight the hostilities will continue and increase.

Jesus Garcia
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