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The Cachan Thousand Being Evicted

immigrant | 19.08.2006 15:44 | Free Spaces | Migration | Repression | World

A big operation has begun to evict up to 1,000 immigrants, who have been occupying a former student hostel in Cachan, on the outskirts of Paris, for over 5 years. The block, which is mainly occupied by undocumented immigrants and homeless people, is one of the biggest squats in Europe.

While hundreds of riot police are trying to 'clear' the place under the pretext of "poor wiring that pose fire risks", many have barricaded themselves in their rooms in an attemp to resist the eviction, which follows a large-scale 'immigration crackdown' by French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who is also a presidential contender.

Reports from French Indymedias (in French):