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Photos: Downing Street "Ceasefire Now" Protest (11.08.06)

Marc Vallée | 12.08.2006 19:46 | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | London | World

Title: "Ceasefire Now" Protest
Date: 11.08.06
Location: Downing Street, London
Comment/context: Arouind 200 protester outside Downing Street. Organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, CND, British Muslim Initiative and STW.

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Marc Vallée
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shoe demo outside downing street pictures

12.08.2006 20:32

There are some pictures of the 'shoe demo' in Whitehall outside downing street last weekend, plus other pictures & comment @

- Homepage:

copyright is capitalism

12.08.2006 21:11

If your photos are not free to all, why post them with copyright on Indymedia ! War is a result of Capitalism !

Capitalists are the evil ones !!

statehater anti-capitalist

Marc Vallée

12.08.2006 22:24

I've know of Marc Valle and his work for a fair few years and as far as I know when asked he always gives free use of his images to anti-capitalist, anti-war, socialist groups, blogs etc when asked. So chill out dude!

Wendy - NUJ


14.08.2006 11:48