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Where Next for the Fight Against the G8? Meeting Cardiff, 16th Aug

South Wales Against G8 | 12.08.2006 17:55 | G8 Russia 2006

A discussion meeting about resistance to this and next year's G8 Summit presented by South Wales Against the G8

Where Next for the fight Against the G8?

This July, activists from Cardiff and Newport took part in protests against the G8 Summit in St. Petersdburg, Russia. They will be talking about their experiences whilst there, giving eyewitness report and showing images from the protests.

This meeting will also be a chance to start organising and hear about plans for resisting next year's G8 Summit, with feedback from activists who attended the recent planing camp in Germmany.

Wednesdat 16th August

South Riverside Community Centre
Brunel Street

South Wales Against G8
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