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Is anyone going to the Northern Green?

Anti-BNP | 11.08.2006 16:32 | Liverpool

The Northern Green Gathering and the British Nationalist Party

If anyone is thinking of going to the Northern Green Gathering next weekend, they really ought to be aware that the event is being held on the same site as the British National Party have held their annual 'Red, White & Blue' 'festival' for the past 4 years.

Since 2002 anti-racist campaigners have been trying to get the fascist rally stopped, without success, because it is on private-land. So it's a shame that the farmer who has been hosting the BNP is going to be making money out of Norther Green goers. A good reason not to go you might think.

More information and discussion, including a map of the area, and the opinions of NGG organisers at: