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Exposing the Media

Jeff Fisher | 07.08.2006 22:42 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Indymedia | World

The end of censurship, Zionism, Neocons and the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. America is not for sale. WE THE PEOPLE are taking her back NOW.

I want all of you at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to read this letter.

I will be calling your 800 number and so will many other people tonight.
Many more people will be emailing you. The ones I have done are showing.
Others will follow.

I have no fear of you or your corporation or AIPAC.

I fear God.

The Holy Spirit has gone through me twice in less than three weeks.

I have the backing of the NAACP also.


You are dealing with Jeff Fisher now.
I am leading the charge on your corporation
WE THE PEOPLE want our nation back NOW!

You thought Atlanta burned bad in the Civil War
You haven't seen the wrath of god

An American Patriot, Jeff Fisher

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jeff Fisher
Date: Aug 7, 2006 5:39 PM
Subject: Answering the Washington Post and Exposing the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
To: Roger Rancourt

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From: Roger Rancourt Mailed-By:


Date: Aug 7, 2006 4:14 PM
Subject: Fwd:You requested more information on Jeff Fisher?

Sir, To: ,

Have any of you ever heard of AIPAC? I thought it might be the opportune time to fill you in on it.....


Right here below this line is a quick summary of what Jeff Fisher witnessed and saw with his own eyes.


At that time in 2003, Raymond Lemme is found dead after finding out about the ChoicePoint 1998, 1999 and continuing projects. The signatures are easy to follow in that James Baker is mentioned.

Piotr Blass continues to cover up his dealings with Bay Point School, and claims to know nothing of it.

But then oddly enough a startling thing happens in July, 2006. Dr. Blass who claims to be a loyal ex-military of the Sinai, Israel sends another letter out which is self-incriminating.

If Dr. Blass was a smart criminal, he would not send email messages out that basically admit to him being the main programmer for the President. But evidently, as the proof continues to show this Dr. Blass is not a very smart criminal at all. He is an arrogant criminal, drunk with the power that the neocons give him to freely destroy elections. And today Dr. Blass is claiming that Jeff Fisher now is on his official campaign, and has Division 5 trying to character-assassinate people in Washington D.C. I'll leave it up to law enforcement now, But is Dr. Blass a smart educated criminal, or something else? Read it and keep on....

Read down to here. So as I explained to you before, Growing Together is for a fact a DFAF sponsored program that teaches children election fraud nation-wide. This allows them to, using their sophisticated program "felonize" voters immediately and strike them from the voting machines.

Of course, we are going to explore that much more heavily. Doctor Blass got involved with Bay Point Schools because his son, David Blass as well as Oscar Blass were used in their brainwashing program and actually taught election-rigging for this "New World Order".

The abuse and trainings were just as severe as the evidence we have already displayed, and the further evidence which we have in our accounts.

Of course, Jeff Fisher was essentially enrolled into being one of their teachers. He was a friend of Doctor Blass and knew absolutely nothing about the fraud or Doctor Cole's long-time projects. Really he was trying to help Jewish victims including Doctor Blass get their children released from the DFAF program. That is until, Dr. Blass finally told him about the classes they teach.

You see David and Oscar Blass were brainwashed in this long running program.

They were taught within Bay Point Schools to commit fraud and were forced into doing whatever the teachers in question told them to do.

This is the math they would essentially teach all of the students, so they could further rig the machines within any school or college under direction of DFAF or its affiliate programs.
Investigators working with Raymond Lemme also discovered, that they were felonizing the voters automatically and also brainwashing the students to commit fraud on a nation-wide scale. They would soon also uncover the facts that the Governor signed off on this operation, and was Sembler's only real unconditional supporter because Sembler gave him his election.
That information would prove fatal to those agents who we must salute. Torture methods were also used in an extreme variety of ways, which we have archived for proof.

Jeff Fisher also happened to understand what the neocons were doing, because he met with the Rothschilds personally when they flew in from New York. He actually at that time was not aware that the classes being taught were to conduct brainwashing, and cause epidemic election fraud.

Yet he would find out, as each participant turned against eachother. And as he stumbled into the conspiracy to not only rig elections for Republicans, but for Democrats as well and anyone who will walk Sembler's agenda .

In the meantime, he tried getting the Democratic Senator Bill Nelson from Florida to care after seeing the evidence. And he just shrugged and said, "This is great stuff, now I'm going on vacation." as though he was quite pleased AIPAC rigs elections....To be continued."

The Atlanta Journal just tried to cover it up

This is the screenshot of the blocked blog

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Please correct the error in the form below, then press POST to post your comment.


And this is what I, Jeff Fisher did next

For more information on the truth


I , Jeff Fisher
will not let any


The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee
harm the Voters of America or any other nation

I am the American Patriot

God Bless America
I still can't post on the
Atlanta Journal-Constitution website,
not even the blogs

That also pertains to not being
able to posting on
and any Yahoo webgroup
that is monitored by
Al Rogers, Mike Fagan, Lori Price and Cyndi Lenz


unto thyself be true

unto thyself be true

Reply Reply to all Forward

Your message has been sent.

Jeff Fisher to Roger
More options 6:33 pm (0 minutes ago)

My Friend,

This is for all Americans, here and abroad.
This is for the entire planet.

This is for my love, This is for my children.

This is for Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy
This is for the NAACP

This is for mankind.

I have made the call and told them the phone number of the pay phone
I was using in the Library of Congress.

Get people to start calling now.

I am going to post that letter on Indymedia now.

God Bless America

An American Patriot, Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher
- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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