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SOCPA - magistrate censures police

rikki | 31.07.2006 10:27 | SOCPA | Indymedia | Repression

last friday, the magistrate in a socpa case recommended that although she was finding the defendant gulity, he should appeal, and should make a complaint to the independent police complaints commission.

peter doraisamy was carrying out a peaceful lone anti-war demonstration in parliament square on the 26th april this year. he was viciously attacked by police, held face down on the pavement in front of brian haw's displays, leaving a pool of blood, and his face scarred for life.

the magistrate on friday was clearly shocked at the witness statements and the state of peter's face even three months after the attack. although finding him guilty under socpa legislation of holding an unauthorised demonstration, she only gave him a six-month conditional discharge, with no fine, and no costs (the lowest sentence yet in any socpa case).

peter had represented himself in court and spoke eloquently presenting a defence based on human rights arguments. the magistrate recommended that he find legal representation and launch an appeal, and she also urged him to take the matter of the wholly disproportionate police violence to the independent police complaints commission.

yet another example of charing cross policing which seems to be spiralling out of control under superintendent terry. (see

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12.09.2006 08:39

I am Peter Doraisamy. Thank you for putting this article on the net.
Just a correction to the date of my arrest. It was the 25th Apr 06.

I intend to appeal against the conviction with Legal Aid. I have been inspired by Brian and all the multitude of Conscientious Human Beings, who have kept the flames of hope alive.

It would be good to see a Named scroll of all the other Peace campaigners who have been intimidated and arrested by this corrupt band of pro USA and Zionist Parliamentarians (temporarily in positions of Power!).

I hope we can smoke them out of their dens, and sending them packing back to their foreign paymasters, before long. Unless of course, they join the chorus for World Peace, Ecology and Sustainability NOW!

I am taking this forward, in my own personal way, knowing that others are making greater sacrifices, both as war and terror victims of the Bush/Blair conspiracy, and crucially as protestors and resistors to the "highjacking of Parliament" by MPs sympathetic to U$A and Zionist interests.

Despite their wriggling today to slip away, they will pay. Our Day Will Come.

There Will be Peace. The World Rennaisance that is due, will ignite in the UK, (the old heart of the commonwealth), and once established, will spread around the world, with relative ease. This is where it will START. PEACE. Peter Doraisamy

Peter Doraisamy
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