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photos from Trafalgar square demo

global_activist | 30.07.2006 17:18 | Lebanon War 2006 | Anti-militarism | London

photos from Trafalgar square demo

Here are some photos taken from the Voices for Lenanon and Palestine demo on Sunday 30th July at Trafalgar Square



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Additional protest photos from the UK and abroad

30.07.2006 18:22

Good photos though they need resizing - you could try finepix viewer or Irfan view (both can be downloaded from the net).

Here are reports and photos of actions around the UK and the world,
Solidarity, Paul (Edinburgh Stop the War)

Round up of weekend events for Lebanon
July 28th –July 30th 2006

In the UK

1/ Edinburgh:

2/ Prestwick Airport:



5/London (Downing Street):
5a/ London (Trafalgar Square protest Sunday 30th)



Around the World:

8/ Beirut:

9/Pebble Beach, USA (Blair and Murdoch cosy up):

10/ New York City (Brooklyn):

11/ Portland, Oregon:

12/ Perth, Australia:

13/Warsaw, Poland:

14/ Tel Aviv, Israel:

15/ Ireland:

Paul O'Hanlon
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30.07.2006 19:51

I japin tourist who foud this photo. I see PSC logo / map, all palestin and no israel? in tokyo we here 2 state is best, why psc erase israel? wrong no?
thank you.

yamamsko likoi

what about the Hezzbolah flags ?

30.07.2006 23:39

In the skynews pictures of the demonstration I saw many yellow Hezzbolah flags. In these pictures I saw none.
Why ?
I have my strong suspicion that Indy does want to give the impression that the demonstrators were a bunch of peaceniks when the reality is quite diferent .
Most of them were Hezzbollah lovers.

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the flags: i was there

31.07.2006 10:04

i was there peter, and i can assure you that although i did see some hezbollah flags, the huge majority were lebanese and palestinian.

indymedia is an open publishing forum, so if a variety of different posters put a variety of photos up, and those photos don't have many hezbollah flags, then i think it's fairly safe to assume, there weren't many.

on the other hand, sky news is under strict editorial control, and it's owned by murdoch.

i think your comment was valid but hit the wrong target. your observation was actually very visible proof of the massive editorial bias in mainstream media.



31.07.2006 11:08

please answer my qestion?
thanks you.

yamamsko likoi


31.07.2006 14:03

So coz the mainstream media say Hezbollah is a terrorist otganisation we should believe it and not dispute. Hezbollah was formed in order to end the occupation of Lebanon. Hezbollah kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers in Lebanese territory, Hezbollah have kille more Israeli soldiers since the conflict than civillians which is not what could be said for Israel who have the technology to actually do a much more efficient job. Enough with the fucking crap about Hezbollah and Hezbollah. Israel/theUS/UK/ Western imperialist nations are the worlds no1 terrorist with the highest civillian casualty rate in any war they have entered (and coincidently also started) Now fuck off you dickhead.