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SOCPA - anniversary sleepover in parliament square

rikki | 30.07.2006 09:50 | History | Repression | Social Struggles | London

each sunday afternoon, a group of anti-socpa campaigners have an open picnic (all are welcome - bring food and ideas to share) on parliament square. socpa is the serious organised crime and police act, part of which bans protest around parliament unless authorised and controlled by police.

last night, to mark the first year of this new legislation, around a dozen protestors stayed overnight in the square in solidarity with brian haw, who has been there five years.

they gathered from about 8pm, and despite the large banner "democracy is sleeping" the protestors were left unhassled overnight, but had a visit from community support officers this morning around 9.30am who were asking whether their demonstration was authorised. they left, suggesting that police may attend later on. any developments will be posted here.

the sunday picnicers have a website with information about the law, campaigning material and news at

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Good Job

30.07.2006 17:05

Thanks for turning up, you took some really nice pictures!

Happy Birthday SOCPA.

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30.07.2006 22:14

police turned up around midday and told the group to take their 'democracy is sleeping' banner down, or be reported for unauthorised demonstration. the police were not concerned about the blank banners. the picnicers complied.