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Leeds demonstration on Lebanon and Palestine - photos

dh | 30.07.2006 00:06 | Lebanon War 2006 | Anti-militarism | Sheffield | World

What is going on here. A big demonstration took place in Leeds today against what's going down, and sideliners, West Yorkshire 911 Truth Campaign have to come here to report it. Anyway it was great. Highly energised and full of righteously angry people from all sections of the community demanding justice

Photos from the demo taken by West Yorkshire 9/11 Truth supporter here

See link here

Hopefully many of those attending enjoyed the Twenty Deception notes, of which hundreds were given away
Many kids clamoured for them

The mayhem-mongering of the elites is sinking to new depths

Syria and Iran are the ultimate targets that Israel's dirty war is aimed at creating - out of this comes radioactive pollution inevitably

Help expose the false government-sponsored terror basis that all that is happening today is propelled by. Time is short

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