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Titnore - new police dirty tricks

Tree lover | 26.07.2006 20:03 | Ecology | Repression | South Coast

ONE day before the High Court hearing which could lead to an eviction order for the camp, police have resorted to dirty tricks in what is now clearly a concerted campaign against the campers. Whatever happened to the impartial community policing approach they have been presenting to the media?

Today's little piece of political policing saw campers told by building supplies firm Travis Perkins in nearby Patching that they were no longer prepared to take their money! This was because some non-political cops had visited the firm and told them the campers were "extremists" and they should not sell them anything! The Sussex Police helicopter was also sent to circle the camp this afternoon, for no obvious reason. Campers have made a request for as many people to spend time at the site as possible, from tomorrow, Thursday, afternoon onwards. Nobody knows when an eviction might be attempted, but it seems the police and the Guardian security goons are all spoiling for a fight and just can't wait to crush the spark of resistance that has been burning so brightly in Titnore Woods.

Tree lover


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